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Grow your business & reach your marketing goals with proven sales funnel templates. Creatively designed, inclusive of attention-grabbing popups, opt-in forms, custom pages, email sequences, and more. No more hiring expensive funnel builders, and going through the painful process to set up a sales funnel for your business.


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I am a 28-year-old dude, passionate about ideation, creation, and problem-solving. I wanted to have work that would never feel stressful & monotonous, and that was the main pillar behind me quitting the 9-5 job a few years back. I was never suited to work with constraints around, so I chose to follow my passion which gives me the freedom to work.
It’s always going to be your choice, whether you want to be the main character of your own story, or a side character for someone elses.

Romy Singh


How To Start Your Own Blog in 2021?

I have created this complete guide to help you start your own blog in 2021 and turn your new blog into a profit-generating machine by monetizing it the right way.

Are you ready to get started?

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It’s never service or product that I am selling: It’s an Experience.

For 10 years, I have been helping brands & entrepreneurs across the world establish that missing connection with their audience through a great digital experience, creative story telling that adds value, to grow digital presence, and scale the business to a new height.

I strongly value stories, experiences, and always ready to solve complex challenges that brands & entrepreneurs struggle with. I have only one goal and that’s to do great work, and enjoy the process.

Are you getting left behind in the digital race?

I can help you!


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Romy is a delight to work with! He knows what he is talking about, he is honest and reliable. He is always eager to help, guide and support.
Katinka Bencs A

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Get in touch with me to discuss any work opportunity or just want to say hello or ask about where I’m traveling next.


The best stories, life lessons, and resources for you to succeed in life.


16+ Social Media Post Canva Templates

No more wasting hours to come up with a social media post design, just download these drag & drop Canva templates and you are all set. It takes less than 3 minutes to create a social media post with the drag & drop templates.

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