Hello, I am Romy Singh.

Thinker, Solution-Oriented, Performance Driven, and Coffee Lover.

Thank you for visiting this page. I appreciate your interest in getting to know more about me.

I can say that my life story has been a thrilling rollercoaster ride, filled with ups and downs. Through these experiences, I have grown and evolved into the person I am today.

Out of everyone who has influenced my life, my wife, Mary Singh, holds the most significant role. She is truly a treasure to me, always there me to guide and give me the courage I need to walk into the unknowns of life with full confidence and a big smile.

I am a 31-year-old entrepreneur from Mumbai, India. Over the past decade, I have been actively involved in the fields of digital marketing, design and development, and sales funnels. During this time, I have had the opportunity to work with incredibly talented people from across the globe.

But, I am guessing that’s not what you want to know.

You are more interested in knowing if I am worth your time, how I have climbed all these ladders of success, and if I can help you with an effective solution for your problem.

For those who are good at dreaming but suck at executing and think that they can hit a home run on their first attempt, want to get rich quickly, and are afraid of taking risks and making investments, my answer is a big NO.

But if you are dedicated, disciplined, and committed towards your goal, and not afraid of investments, then let’s work together to build something great. Because I am sure we will hit it off really well.

My Life In Years

Let me share the rollercoaster ride of the last fifteen years of my life – what happened, how I crawled to where I am standing now, and how I found myself at my lowest point in 2023 (The darkest year of my life.)


This was the year I learned about Google AdSense through a person selling the “get rich quick” dream. I bought a CD that claimed to teach you how to make money with AdSense, and I took the bait.

And that was the starting point of everything. In a way, I appreciate that person who sold me that CD. If he hadn’t, my life might be different today.


I spent the last 3 years learning AdSense and blogging. I created a blog called Crunchyblogger.com, which was filled with lots of gibberish articles that I wrote to earn through AdSense and improve my writing skills. I sold this blog in 2012 for a good amount of profit, and that was my first paycheck.


I started my first 9-to-5 job as a conceptualizer in a mobile marketing company. After working there for a little over a year, I realized that this wasn’t the right fit for me. However, during my time there, I gained valuable experience in client meetings, dealing with clients, professionalism, presentations, and networking skills. So it turned out to be a good decision not to jump into the business wagon right off the bat.


I started working as a freelancer, offering social media marketing services. However, it was quite challenging since I didn’t have a portfolio to showcase my work. It took a lot of effort to get through the initial stage, but as we all know, persistence always gets the result you seek.


This is the most special year of my life, because two life-transforming events took place.

Firstly, I started my own digital marketing agency with a business partner, and it was doing really good for us. We were growing at an impressive pace.

Secondly, during that same year, I met the love of my life, who is now my wife – Mary Singh.


This was quite a year for me because I flew to the Philippines to meet Mary, making me the first person in our family history to travel internationally. (I’m the black sheep, the oddball in my family who thinks and does things differently.)


Mary and I went to Singapore for a holiday. We also visited many places in the Philippines to have a good time and take a break from our monotonous life.


Another shocking year of my life! In 2019, my business partner’s personal life became a bit complicated, and things started to get stressful between us. Therefore, we decided to close down the digital agency.

I got married to Mary in the Philippines and brought her back to India to start our family together.


We can’t forget the pandemic! It was quite a stressful year. So, I started working as a freelancer once again and worked really hard for a few months. I was making a six-figure income, and that was something that made my wife and me happy.

We planned our investments and our future. I let Mary handle that because, LOL, I am bad at budgeting.


It was another challenging year! My work was going well, and Mary was busy with household chores, budgeting, and all that.

But one day, we decided to go on a family trip, and LOL, on the highway, our car’s tire suddenly burst with a loud “wrooom.” The car lost control briefly, but luckily my dad is really calm and experienced driver, with 30+ years of clean driving record. He somehow stopped the car at the side of the highway.

I guess this is where bad luck has knocked at the door of my life.


Mary and I bought our first real estate property in Mumbai, a 2BHK flat. It was quite a headache to go throw all the paperwork and lawyers, other drama.

But Mary was really happy, because I am 30 and we have a house of our own. And I was happy because she was happy.

And same year we decided to go to Philippine for a trip so Mary can meet her family members, because after our marriage, we have been busy with one thing or the other.

It was a good trip. She enjoyed the trip and meeting her family.


The fucking darkest year of my life! (Sorry for cussing!)

Mary fell sick, and we visited multiple doctors. She was admitted to the hospital multiple times in just a few months, undergoing numerous tests. However, the illness remained undiagnosed.

For months, I took care of her, balancing work and looking after her needs. She would feel guilty for burdening me, but all I asked of her was to keep smiling, and she did so until the end.

On March 17th, she was admitted to the hospital again, and her condition became critical. On March 25th, 2023, I lost not only the love of my life but also everything I had worked for.

Now, I find myself living in an abyss of emptiness. However, my responsibilities provide me with a reason to keep going.

And on the same day, the GOD died for me too. I don’t believe in that shit anymore.

Here are some pics of us together!

So What I'm Working On!

I tried to avoid everything, but after weeks of lying on bed, our household finances started to suffer and debts began to increase. My wife’s family also started facing difficulties. Consequently, I had no choice but to return to work.

Here I am again, starting from scratch and taking on new projects. Here are the ventures I am working on right now.

A Quote That I Really Like Now:

Life is filled with days and nights. It’s just that some nights are darker, longer, colder, and lonelier before dawn. You need to embrace and live through those nights as well.