Hello, I am Romy Singh.

I’m 28 years old entrepreneur from Mumbai, India, currently working to grow my new venture. I’ve been involved with the digital world and growth hacking for 9+ years, and have worked with exceptional people across the world. But, I am guessing that’s not what you want to know.

You’re keen on knowing that I worth your time or not, how I climbed all these ladders of success, and can I help you with a great solution or not.

For those who are good at dreaming but suck at executing, who want to be rich quick, who are looking for instant growth, who are afraid of taking risks and investments, my answer is, NO. But if you are dedicated, committed towards your goal, and not afraid of investments then let’s work together to build something great.



Learn about Google Adsense And Started My First Blog


Sold my first affiliate marketing blog with a good profit margin


Started my 9 to 5 job as a conceptualizer to gain experience.


Started working as a freelancer and provide Digital services.


Started my first digital marketing agency with a partner.


Closed the profitable digital agency due to partnership issues.


Started freelancing again and quickly became a six-figure freelancer.


Started working on a SAAS based Product for entrepreneurs.

Working for a better life and making a constant attempt to provide value to the world. This blog is one of those attempts, where I am trying to share the skills, and resources I have with others to help them improve and grow. I’ve made quite a good number of mistakes (Labelled experience) that helped me reach the point where I am. I believe that the lessons I have learned from those mistakes would help others not make the same mistake, and make other creative ones.

I’ve always been keen on things that require thinking, tingling of the grey cells in my brain because the rush I get from it is the motivation I need to get out of the bed every morning. And when my grey cell wants to not think much about the work, you’d find me cooking in the kitchen. I am not some kind of Masterchef, but I do get the taste right off the dishes I try to cook.

What I'm Working On