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Hello I am
Romy Singh.

I’m 28 years old entrepreneur from Mumbai, India, currently working to grow my new venture. I’ve been involved with the digital world and growth hacking for 9+ years, and have worked with exceptional people across the world. But, I am guessing that’s not what you want to know.

You’re keen on knowing that I worth your time or not, how I climbed all these ladders of success, and can I help you with a great solution or not.

For those who are good at dreaming but suck at executing, who want to be rich quick, who are looking for instant growth, who are afraid of taking risks and investments, my answer is, NO. But if you are dedicated, committed towards your goal, and not afraid of investments then let’s work together to build something great


Working for a better life and making a constant attempt to provide value to the world. This blog is one of those attempts, where I am trying to share the skills, and resources I have with others to help them improve and grow. I’ve made quite a good number of mistakes (Labelled experience) that helped me reach the point where I am. I believe that the lessons I learned from those mistakes would help others not make the same mistake, and make creative ones.

I am always hungry to tackle new problems and provide value to people. My long-term goal is to build a creative digital agency of my own, where I am with many other like-minded guys are helping people tackle their problems in the most creative and unique possible way.

I’ve always been keen on things that require thinking, tingling of the grey cells in my brain because the rush I get from it is the motivation I need to get out of the bed every morning. And when my grey cell wants to not think much about the work, you’d find me cooking in the kitchen. I am not some kind of Masterchef, but I do get the taste right off the dishes I try to cook. If opportunity strikes and we get to work together at some point in life, I’d hijack your kitchen to cook something to brag about my cooking skills. After all, actions prove words convenience.


Working with Romy has been a GAME changer for us! He knows exactly what needs to be done and his strategies are so simple and extremely effective. I’ve been online for quite a while and consider myself savvy regarding current marketing, strategies, and he proved that he knew 10x more application than I ever will.
Ashley Armstrong
The Hidden Rules Expert

I officially started my business on 25th June 2015 – the beginning of the most crucial phase of my life, where I’d to face the bitter unshakable facts about running a business and dealing with the client relationship.

I had begun to offer digital service for many clients, and down the line, I was making a good profit. At that point, everything looked great, till there was a mishap, and suddenly it all turned black. Now, left with a choice where I have to shut everything because it became more like 9 to 5 lifestyle.

It took me five years to build it all and just one miscalculation, and all that was left behind was EXPERIENCE.

Now I am using that experience to build something great from scratch again. Oh well, it’s true! Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur.

Oh! How did I end up losing it all by making only one wrong decision? I trusted & partner’s word on a big client and invested all the efforts and time from my pocket, and the rest of the story you can guess.


I am a multidisciplinary creative thinker passionate about crafting digital solutions, simplify complex problems, and efficient execution.

Let's work together to build something creative and amazing!

Do you want to build something from scratch?

If yeah! You will have to be confident and have patience. Your confidence, your patience, and your skills, everything will be tested to a level that giving up would seem like the best option for you. Believe me, it will be a very tempting option at that time. Most people choose it because they got scared of the hardship and the effort that they need to put if they want to build what they desire. The best advice I’ve ever gotten from my dad is, “Just because it seems impossible, it doesn’t mean that it’s not doable.”

I build my whole life around that advice. It helped me to be where I am today because I took control of my life.

Just walk the path you believe in. And don’t forget, you’re the main character in your own life story! You can do pretty much anything.

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