Why Life Is So Beautiful And Filled With Inspiration?


Before I answer the question, I want you to imagine yourself as planting a rose plant seed in your garden. The first thing you would’ve to do is buy the seed of the rose plant. Did you notice something here, before you got to see how beautiful your rose plant would be you’d to invest in terms of monetary value as well as physical? When you’re done planting the seed, you’d have to again, invest your time to provide care and nourishments, and then slowly it will sprout.

The real struggle for the rose begins after it sprouts. The sprout will have to deal with nature changes, soil changes, and many obstacles which you might not even know of, but after fighting through all those obstacles a beautiful rose blooms, and it looks mesmerizing. When you’d look at the bloomed rose, you’d feel immense joy and get lost in its beauty.

A beautiful life is not an easy life and easy life is not so beautiful.

The rose had to struggle and fight through everything to bloom so beautifully, and when it did, the beautiful phase of its life starts.

Our life is exactly like that of a beautiful rose. The most beautiful phase of our life is always going to be the happiest moments, where we are blooming with smiles. But to get to that blooming smile, we’d have to go through obstacles life has prepared for us. We’d have to struggle, scream, sacrifice, and after surviving through all the different phases of life, we would experience the beauty and colors of life.

For me, the beauty of life lies in the journey I go through to reach the destinations I set for my self. I won’t say that these journeys are easy to travel and reach. Every journey, every story brings different colors, excitement, and many emotions to my life. These emotions make life beautiful for me, because, if there was no sadness, happiness wouldn’t be so valuable, and I wouldn’t be working so hard to attain it. If there were no struggles and obstacles in our journey to success, then it wouldn’t be valuable and exclusive. And we would not be surrounded by so many inspiring stories. Life is beautiful because there are so many different values, colors, and emotions that together form a beautiful story. Some chapters may be sad, some will be, filled with happiness. And we call this story our life.

Where Do I Find Inspiration?

My answer would be everywhere and in everyone.

Do you need a reason to build a better life?

Look at your family! You would want them to have a better life, then let that desire be your strength an inspiration. It would give you the needed inspiration when you feel all hope is lost. It would be your strength that you would need to get back up on your feet after a failure. Your desire to give a better life to your family will always be a booster and guide you towards achieving a better life.

Do you want to succeed?

Grow your hunger for it. How hungry are you to be successful in life? If your hunger is bigger than the obstacles and struggles you would face in your journey, then nothing would be able to stop you. It won’t matter how many times you failed, or how many times you’d find attractive distractions. The only thing that would matter to you would be, quenching your hunger.

Do you believe that your life is a beautiful story? Comment your answer.

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