Who Is Your Competitor?

Have you ever thought about who is your real competitor?



Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

I’d say it depends! It depends on who you are competing with.

We all compete with someone in this life! Who do you compete with?

Are you competing with a millionaire or a billionaire? Or are you competing with someone who has a better life than you?

We all compete with someone who has climbed a few ladders more towards a better life than ours.

But how do we compete with these intelligent players?

What’s the specification of the scale you are using to measure your life against your competitor? Or are you even measuring it right? Unfortunately, people tend to confuse competition with rivalry. And when that happens, people become depressed, lose confidence, and in the end, QUIT.

You shouldn’t measure your first step with someone’s 200th. Your life, circumstances, and even characteristics are different than the person ahead of you.

Yes, you can follow their footprints while looking at their back, but the truth is your pace will vary. And also, your battles would be a lot different from theirs.

So, what’s the use of competing with someone when there’s no equilibrium.

Think for a minute! The race always starts with all the participants being at the start line. So it’s going to be very unfair when someone is already halfway in the race, and you begin from the start line in the hope of beating that someone.

It’s still possible to beat that person. I am not going to say it’s impossible, but it’s pretty challenging and demanding. You need to run with a speed that’s twice the person ahead of you to win.

Do you still think you can win? Do you think it’s a good idea to run a race under those circumstances?

If you are an intellectual person, which most entrepreneurs are, you have already figured out that it’s a game where you have a high probability of losing.

So why start the game?

You wouldn’t want to break your courage, confidence, and conviction. You need those even more, when you figure out who is your real competitor and how to compete with that person.

Listen carefully!

Your competition is not some other person who is miles ahead of you!

Your competition is your excuse, your procrastination!

Your pride, ego!

Your lack of dedication, commitments against goals you have in life!

Your attitude towards the mistakes you make, the knowledge you neglect!

The negative and overthinking you have.

Compete against those.

And when you win against all those, then you’ll catch up with the person who is miles ahead of you quickly.

So, let me ask you again, who are you competing with!

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