What are the 5 things in our life that we should not rush into?


Life is all about different journeys we embark upon. You can’t rush it, you can’t travel with leisure, and it’s going to be frustrating.

We all are hoping for a better life. Wishing on shooting stars that today, or tomorrow we will be a successful person. We end up executing pretty much every formula we’ve in our reach to rush things, to reduce the duration, struggle, and end up with the final goal as fast as we can.

In the process, we forget one important thing, we can’t rush things in life, and when we do, the result is always going to be an inferior one.

Who wants an inferior life?

No one, Right! The struggle won’t be easy. You will need others along the way, you will need your family, and your friends to count on. The people who will help you in your journey will become a part of your story.

In life, everything is meant to be enjoyed and experienced at its own pace. There are few things which you can never rush in life.

Go with your pace, because success has no time limit.

1- Success

It doesn’t matter wheater it’s a job or business you can’t rush things and hope to achieve success at a rapid pace. Success is the result of a process, and you’ve to follow the steps. It’s a destination that you’ve to reach by embarking on a ruthless journey. There’s no shortcut or highway.

2- Decisions

We shape our lives through the decisions we make every day. When we rush things, we mostly end up making bad decisions. Every wrong decision put us in a situation where we need to slow down our pace and deal with things first to get back on the right track once again. We can avoid all these if we think more carefully about our decisions. Don’t rush your decisions, because every choice in life has a price tag attached to it.

3- Love

Love is a bittersweet ride, and we can’t rush it. Every love story has to go through different obstacles to reach a beautiful ending. These obstacles will test you in every possible way, put you in different situations where you would find yourself hurting, but don’t rush your decisions in those times because when you do, the consequences won’t be good. Love is an emotion meant to experience for the rest of your life.

4 – Learning (Lessons)

Life is the college that we will never graduate from, it will always have something to teach us. Life has this tendency to put us in situations where we have to choose the sides from right and wrong. No matter which side we are, we still end up learning the lesson. We can’t rush these curves, these situations in our life, because these are the moments that make us a better person, a better human.

5 – Victory, Success

Good, you won a battle in life.

Celebrate your victory, but don’t let it get in your head. It’s not going to be the only battle of your life. Let the experience of this victory fuel your passion, experience, but not your ego. When you rush your life and start to think that everything will be smooth and easier because you are great, you’ve conquered something in life that’s when life takes a sudden turn, and you realize that your victory was just a drop in ocean, it was just a small piece of the puzzle called your life. You still have to figure out many pieces of the puzzle and put them where they belong.

To me, everything in life has its own pace, nothing was meant to rush, not even our breaths.

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