The Two Most Significant Learning Experience Of My Life?


Many moments in my life taught me something or the other. I’ve many people in my life who’ve helped me be a better person and guided me towards the right path. Out of all these different experiences I’ve had in my life, two stands out much to me, and these two experiences have taught me something really important which people learn at a very late stage of their life.

Make your life a story that is worth to brag about.

Experience 1:

I was 15 years old at that time when this incident happened. I was preparing for my SSC examination and was attending the last few remaining days of my classes. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and everyone turned behind to see who it was, so did I.

My brother was standing and talking to the teacher about something. A few minutes later the teacher came to me and said, I need to go home there’s a situation at my house. I packed my bag and decided to go back home to figure out what happened. On my way back, I kept asking my younger brother, what has happened, but he didn’t know anything so he couldn’t tell me.

After walking for 10 minutes, I reached my house. When I entered inside, I saw my Dad sitting on the chair, and my mom on the floor. My house was not a big one at that time, but it was enough for us four people to live a good life. I put my school bag at the bed and sat next to dad.

I asked him, “What happened, dad? Why did you call me home from the class suddenly?”. I still remember the scene clearly, he spoke with a sad voice, and tears in his eyes, I lost my job. It’s going to be difficult for me to shoulder your studies and house expenses if I don’t get a job soon. I felt an intense pain seeing my dad like that, I said don’t worry dad, we will figure out these few months, you start looking for another job.

It was hard for my dad to find a new job. It took him 3 months to find stable work again. Why? Because my dad was working as a driver for 14 years at the last place. Every new employer would ask, Why you left the last job? My dad can’t say the reason, because of the employer’s son.

Our family was struggling with household things, utility bills. I decided to change our condition. I’d also work to better my life and my family’s condition. Thus my journey as a freelancer begins.

In those months, I learned that’s it better to be prepared for the worst moments of life, have your future planned, and work hard for a better life. This experience made me a good son and taught me that life is unpredictable, so we should be volatile too.

Experience 2:

At the age of 18, I started my agency to offer digital solutions to clients. We were 8 people, together we rented an office, got the interior work done, and installed a broadband connection.

But life has something else planned for me. The office was running smoothly, but because of the rain, we all decided to skip the office for one day. The second day it was still raining heavily, I called all my partners and asked if they are going or not today too. They all refused and said it’s raining heavily.

I had these uneasy feelings in my heart, so I decided to go to the office alone and see if everything is okay. I reached Mira Road, and when I started to walk towards office lane, I saw that it’s flooded till my thigh level. I was shocked to see the flood, somehow I crossed the lane, and reached our office building.

I saw that the office was flooded, so I rushed to open the office door to see how much water has entered inside. While I was getting the office key out of my bag, my phone rang, it was a call from one of the partners he called to check up on the condition of the office.

I answered, and told him about the office condition. When I tried to put the phone back in my jeans pocket, it slipped down in the water. It took me 10 minutes to find my phone, but because of the water, the display of my phone was gone. I still could feel my phone vibrate when someone was calling, but the display was gone.

I opened the office, and the scene gave me a shock for life. Everything was floating in the water, the CPU’s, books, and files.

I picked up all the CPU’s and started to put them up on the tables, and decided to check them tomorrow. After making sure nothing was floating in the water anymore, I decided to go back to the house and talk with other partners about the situation. I was closing the office, and my phone started to vibrate. I can’t pick it up because the display is not working. I ignored it and put it in my back pocket and focused on locking the office door. It vibrated once again, and when I tried to get the phone from the back pocket, my wallet fell in the water. I searched a lot, but I could not find it. After searching for more than 10 minutes, I gave up on it. Now, I don’t have money to go back, and I don’t have a phone to call anyone. I am stuck.

I decided to ask for 1 rupee to make a call to my family and tell them to come and fetch me. You would not believe that it was a struggle to ask for 1 rupee. I ended up walking from Mira Road to Borivali, and that’s where I got 1 rupee to call my brother and told him to fetch me up.

I learned the importance of money and kindness in this experience of my life. I learned that If I’ve 10 rupees giving away 1 rupee to someone in need won’t make me poor.

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