The Done For You Action Plan For Instagram Page Growth


Before I begin with this marvelous Instagram page growth action plan, I’d like to ask you a question?

You don’t have to share the answer with me or anywhere. If you can answer it honestly and firmly believe in your answer, then this Instagram page growth plan is just for you; but if you’re answering for whatever f*ck reason, then you would end up wasting your time without achieving any results.

I can assure you that this Instagram growth plan would help you grow your Instagram profile from ZERO to HERO without any glitch or investment. Oh! Sorry, there is one investment though, and that’s your TIME. You’ve to consistently give your time on the strategies I’m going to share in the action plan.

Are you ready to put a consistent effort to grow your Instagram profile?

Answer it honestly!

Why You Need This Action Plan?

We all have one common goal, and that’s to grow our fan base on Instagram, there could be thousands of reasons why we all want to grow our Instagram profile, but the end goal is always going to be how to get those targeted Instagram followers consistently.

I’m going to reveal that secret to you today!

It’s nothing big or complicated like rocket science. Once you are done reading the action plan, you would realize how easy it is to execute these Instagram marketing strategies to grow an Instagram page.

This Instagram page growth action plan is not going to be like one of those blog posts, videos, that you’ve read already, and I am also not going to ask you to invest in advertising, write tons of content, or spam everywhere with your username. It’s going to be a comprehensive but very powerful in terms of growth and results you’d get out of the time you’d invest.

What’s the advantage of this Instagram page growth action plan?

There are like hundreds of advantages that I can list down for you, but let’s focus on the major ones that would be like eye candy for you, and kind of give you the needed motivation to take this action plan quite seriously.

I’ve gone through quite a good number of blog posts and paid courses that talk about growing your Instagram page from zero to hero, but to me, all those programs always focus on two things, one is to be everywhere while the other one is to invest in advertising.

I couldn’t agree more with these strategies, but I thought what about those people who are just starting, and little skeptical about investing money to grow their Instagram profile, what should they do?

I feel that any newbie would be quite hesitant before investing money to market his profile without getting any returns on his investment, and that’s the core reason I created this action plan. Since I said that this plan is for newbies, it doesn’t mean that it would not apply to experts or anyone who wants to grow their Instagram profile.

  • Requirement only one investment from you, and that’s your consistent time.
  • You can generate from 30-100 followers per day.
  • You would get only genuine and targeted followers from your niche.
  • Your engagement rate would skyrocket over a period if you consistently execute this action plan.
  • In 60 days, you would be able to turn your Instagram profile from zero to hero.

Whether you’re working on your Instagram profile or working on behalf of a company, read this action plan to find out the 9 best Instagram marketing strategies (with tools & examples) that could help you grow your Instagram profile drastically.

The bird’s eye view of the action plan

This Instagram page growth action plan consists of 8 strategies and one condition.

The action plan = 8 Strategies + One Commitment To Yourself.

Here are the 8 Instagram marketing strategies to supercharge your follower growth and engagement rate:

  • It Needs Time. ( Be consistent for 60-90 Days)
  • Post 2-4 times a day consistently.
  • Use Hashtags, but keep them rotating
  • Write good captions for your posts
  • Comment on new posts made by popular accounts
  • Find comments that have a great number of replies and try to add value.
  • Reach out to 3-6 people daily for collaboration
  • Reply to the comments on your profile
  • I can guide you, but can’t walk the journey for you.

So, let get started with the Instagram page growth action plan.

1- It Needs Time & Effort

Can you grow a tree in one day?

The simplistic answer is, NO.

The same can be said for this action plan. If you’re thinking that this is going to give you overnight growth, then this plan is not for you.

To grow a tree, you need to have these 5 characteristics.

  1. Staying true to your commitments
  2. Doer personalities
  3. Consistent on respective responsibility
  4. Have Patience
  5. Be Persistent

If you want to grow your Instagram profile from zero to hero, give me your 60 days. Execute this action plan consistently for 60 days without asking any questions you’d thank me later.

There’s no overnight Instagram page growth formula!

The formula for your Instagram success story here is simple.

Success= Your 60 Days Of Consistent Effort + Instagram Page Growth Action Plan.

2- Post 2-4 Times A Day

There are tons of case studies floating on the net that proves posting more frequently helps in the growth of your profile.

Logically, you don’t need a case study to tell how powerful it can be if you think wisely.


Mike and Julie both have an Instagram profile. Mike shares 3 posts in a day, while Julie shares only 4 posts in a week. 

Who would have a higher growth rate?

Mike. Why?

By posting frequently, Mike is getting certain benefits that Julies is missing on.

  1. Increase Brand(profile) Awareness and Visibility
  2. Retain Customer Interest
  3. A higher number of eyeballs means a higher growth rate.
  4. Build Credibility and Goodwill
  5. Establish More Relationships
  6. More Collaboration Opportunites
  7. More User Generated Content, Likes, Shares, And Comments
  8. More Loyal Fans

Julie is missing on these advantages.

Now, think for a while and decide who you should follow? Mike, Or Julie!

3- Use Hashtags, but keep them rotating

You can’t get the advantage over others if you keep dumping any hashtags in your post, or keep using the same ones over and over.

Research to figure out quality hashtags for your niche and create few bundles that you can use while posting. There are some rules that you need to follow while creating these hashtag bundles for your Instagram posts.

  1. Create a bundle with a mishmash of hashtags starting from 50K posts under it to 1/2 million posts.
  2. Avoid Spammy Hashtags (Likeforlike, L4L, etc..)
  3. Keep it relevant to your profile and content strategies
  4. Don’t use more than 15 hashtags in a post.
  5. Follow some of the hashtags in your niche to stay in the loop for best performing posts.

There are several tools that you can use for relevant hashtags for your content.

With tools, you can build your hashtag bundles very conveniently. I’d still encourage spending a brief time analyzing those hashtags you’ve shortlisted. It would help you understand the quality of the audience for that particular hashtag, and you can avoid choosing absolute hashtags, or spammy hashtag that would kill your reach.

4- Write Good Captions

Captions are a powerful tool that can be used to encourage the desired action from your audience, whether it’s likes, comments, or even to visit your website. If your caption was compelling enough to get good engagement, it might even show on the Instagram explore page.

The additional advantage of writing great captions is that it helps you to build a stronger relationship with your audience.

Image is the bait you use to get the attention of your audience, but the actual message is always being conveyed through the caption.

A single emoji or word caption might work for celebrities, but for us, it’s always going to be a story that supports your image.

The “long story” type caption is a great way to put your story ahead meaningfully and connect with your audience on a deeper level. Your loyal and interested followers are the ones going to read your long caption, thus higher chances of boosting brand loyalty.

But don’t forget that a great caption is incomplete without an effective CTA. Use every opportunity you get to envoke an action through your caption.

How to write a compelling caption?

  1. Note down the points you want to talk about in your captions
  2. Write a general draft based on your points
  3. Read it as from your audience perspective
  4. Include a call to action.
  5. Use DOT or Underscore to keep your caption clean and readable.

5- Comment on fresh posts made by big accounts

You won’t get many followers and engagement just by posting on your Instagram profile. You would need to market it for a wider reach and higher growth rate.

Leaving a relevant comment on influential profiles in your niche is a great way to grow on Instagram.

Why? You can build influential relationships and get collaboration opportunities with other peoples through dropping valuable comments on their profile.

These influential profiles have loyal followers who love their content, and they are always there feeding on it. Your constant engagement with these profiles will help you get the attention and bring more visitors to your profile.

Don’t publish an emoji or one-word comments. Always read the post to understand the message behind the posts, and try to add real meaning with your comment, ask a question, share your experience, story, or write your feelings.

The post made by these profiles get thousands of likes and comments, your comment is going to offer value for those people, and they might find you interesting, knowledgeable, making them curious about you. The next action they would take is to visit your profile, and if the content you share is great, you got yourself a loyal follower.

Do this every time these influential profiles make a post. Try to comment as early as possible to get the attention of every person who reads the post.

How to comment on every new post made by these influential profiles?

  • Create a list of the influential profiles in your niche, make sure they have more than 50K followers, and each post gets above 3k Likes and 300 comments.
  • Set up a notification for Post Updates: – Visit the profile – Click On Any Post – Click on the three dots -Turn on the post notification
  • Add valuable comments to every time you get a notification of new post by them

6- Find comments that have a high number of replies and try to add meaning.

Do you believe that you are going to get recognition and praised for adding value to an ongoing discussion?

If yes! The same goes for Instagram too. Look for discussion, comments that have a high number of replies, and take part in those threads. Add meaning to the conversation by replying to people on that thread.

Every reply you make there, the respective person gets a notification for it. If you’re not spamming and genuinely have something to offer, or a story to add then go ahead share it. The person would be keen on checking your profile, and if your content is relevant and offers value, you might get one more follower.

Finding these kinds of discussion is not going to be easy, but it’s also not that hard actually. You have to look for profiles with higher engagement and hawk their post like an eagle.

Finding these kinds of discussion is not going to be easy, but it’s also not that hard actually. You have to look for profiles with higher engagement and hawk their post like an eagle.

7- Reach out to 3-6 people daily for collaboration

I see lots of people hesitate to collaborate with other Instagrammers, influencers because of uncertainties, and not being aware of the right method of approach.

Collaborating with other Instagram users is not that hard actually when you have a funnel for it. It becomes one of the most effective strategies that can boost your Instagram growth drastically.

Before you create a collaboration funnel, set some rules for yourself that will improve the chances of landing a successful collaboration opportunity.

Rules Of Collaboration:

  1. Make sure you are approaching Instagram profiles that have the same stats, and follower counts, engagement rate as your profile or little higher than yours. Don’t go overboard and pitch to people who are out of your league. You’ll end up burning the bridge that you can use in the future.
  2. Have a clear goal with every collaboration you do
  3. Research the profile before you approach for a collaboration
  4. Always share your best content for collaboration

For a successful collaboration on Instagram, preparation is the key. You need to be sure that you’re well prepared with everything.

The 5 steps funnel for getting successful collaboration opportunities.

  1. Find someone you want to collaborate with (Relevant Niche)
  2. Reach out to them
  3. Structure your collaboration deal or offer
  4. Execute the deal
  5. Track & measure the results

Follow the above funnel to approach people for Instagram collaboration. Initially, focus on doing exchange based collaboration, freebies based collaboration, if you don’t want to invest money. I’d always recommend starting with an exchange-based collaboration initially to grow your account.

A collaboration template:

Hello Julie,

I’ve been following your account on Instagram, and love the inspirational content you share to help people stay motivated and focused on their life goals.

My name is Mike, and my Instagram profile username is @username. I share inspirational content on growing your business, entrepreneurship and building a better life. Since you are so passionate about sharing marvelous content, I thought I would reach out to see if you would be open to doing an Instagram collaboration together!

My Profile Link:

Let me know if you’re interested and I will send more details.

8- Reply to the comments on your profile

Don’t be a robot!

On Instagram, people share their thoughts about your content because they seek an opinion or acknowledgment. Most importantly by ignoring their comment, you’d be burning the only bridge you’ve to build a strong relationship with your followers and turn them in a loyal fan.

Instagram is all about sharing and engaging with people, and if you decide to skip the other part of it, you won’t get far, no matter how much marketing effort you put in.

Every person who comments on your post wishes to share their opinion about the content, and the least you can do is acknowledge it by replying to it. I’d always recommend interacting by asking questions, sharing valuable information, and freebies.

But most importantly, don’t ignore anyone!

9- I can guide you, but can’t walk the journey for you.

You would find tons of complaints floating on the net about how people won’t get any result after executing this and that Instagram marketing strategies. There’s no shortage of people who wants instant result without much effort.

They plant the seed tonight and wish to see the fruit hanging on the tree tomorrow. It’s completely impossible, and when someone mentions something like that, I feel that I’ve run out of words to respond.

I don’t need to say anything to make them realize they are on the wrong track, there’s no overnight success formula. People tend to forget very fundamental rule – Your effort is directly proportional to your result. There’s no loophole in this to take advantage, if you work less, your result would be in pennies, but if you work like a mad dog, you’d end up owning an empire.

Be wise and adapt to the change.

I can’t do everything for you and give you the result on a platter. It’s you, who have to do all the work, I can only help you with the action plan, and guide you, how to do it right to reap the maximum amount of benefit from the effort you put in.

It’s your journey, you’ve to walk every step of it. If you are hoping for instant results, sorry, then this Instagram page growth action plan is not for you.

To reap maximum benefit from this Instagram page growth action plan, you need 3 things:

  1. Put Consistent effort for 60-90 Days
  2. Commit to yourself that you won’t quit in the middle
  3. Be patient, good results take time. (In 2 minutes, you can only cook cup noodles, not a luxurious dish. )

A Done For You Checklist

It’s easy to lose track of things when we have a lot on our plate. In those times we only have two options, first set the right priorities, and the second is, start with the smallest task to empty the platter one by one.

I’ve created this 60-day checklist so that you can keep track of how efficiently you’re executing the Instagram page growth action plan, and what are the results you’re getting.

On the 61st day, you can look at this checklist and feel proud of the result. Remember, consistency is the key to success.

Share your opinion and Instagram page growth strategies that you use to grow your page in comments. 

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