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I’ve been in the digital world for more than 8 years, and have seen both sides of the coin when it comes to hosting providers, whether it’s a cheap hosting provider or the ones who call themselves good and provide amazing promises. Some people are satisfied with those promises, and some become villains for them. You can say that I belong to the latter category.

8 years ago, my blogging journey started with a cheap hosting provider, where I got everything at a dirt price. With time and experience, I started to increase my budget and shift to better hosting providers. If I remember correctly in the process, I must have tried 5 or 6 different hosting providers before I found Bluehost. Currently, I’ve more than 10 websites hosted with Bluehost. It’s all because of the support that they provide, and amazing freebies you get with the hosting account that helps you to initially kick up of your new website.

I’ve been with Bluehost now for nearly 4 years, and I’ve faced quite a lot of issues in the duration with different projects but have always got a solution for the problem, some time it’s was instant, sometimes it took time to get it solved by the experts. I kind of like the importance they would give me when I contact their support system. I was impressed with most of their service aspects, whether it was hosting features, WordPress Friendliness, User Support, Technical Errors Solving Guides, Account Upgradation, And Back Ups.

The Review Chart: 

Bluehost - A Good Web Hosting Provider (Review & Ratings)

In 4 years, a lot can change, and that’s what happened with Bluehost, they improved their services and support to new heights.

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You might be thinking, Is BlueHost the right web host for you?

I’d let you make your decision based on what you get when you sign up for a hosting account with BlueHost. The feature, support, freebies, and the pros and cons of the Bluehost web hosting provider.

Low introductory rates Higher Domain Renewal Price 
WordPress Friendly hosting Upselling Add Ons
24/7 support
FREE Domain Name

The Features & Account

Before I even start telling you about the things you get with a BlueHost Web Hosting account, I’d like to share a fact with you. BlueHost is listed as one of the officials recommended hosting provider for WordPress blog and other supportive tools resources for WordPress Users.

Now, let’s get started with what you get when you buy a Bluehost web hosting account.

Cost-Effective & Affordable: 

Web hosting plans at BlueHost are cheap at first glance, but not all of them are cheap. You can get an account at $3.95 per month with shared hosting if you get an offer like this. Normally the starter plan starts at $7.99 per month, which is quite affordable when it comes to quality web hosting and keeping your blog always live for your blog readers. 

Unlimited Bandwidth:

You get unlimited bandwidth with all the different types of Bluehost hosting accounts

$200 Marketing Credits:

When you sign up for an account with BlueHost, you get up to $200 marketing credits that can help you get traffic from search engines instantly to make money with your website. 

Advanced CPanel For Hosting Account Management:

The new advance CPanel makes it a lot easier for you to manage your web hosting account and your website. Most of the features are self-explanatory and very easy to navigate. Here’s a screenshot of the Cpanel account. 

Bluehost - Cpanel Screenshot

BlueHost Performance:

The most important factor when it comes to running a successful website is SPEED. It affects doesn’t not only make you lose visitors but also your search engine rankings. 

BlueHost has optimized their server response time to make your website load faster for the visitors. A faster website means more visitors and more sales or conversion happening on your website. 

Bluehost Sever response time

WordPress Friendly & One-Click Install:

Bluehost allows you to install WordPress with just one click, you don’t have to worry about doing things like, creating a database and then linking it back to the CMS. All you’ve to do is just click a button, and you’ve WordPress installed on your hosting account. All hosting plans by Bluehost are WordPress friendly, and you can also buy a hosting account built only for WordPress, but it’s a little bit costly. 

BlueHost Support System:

We all need to rely on hosting providers in some error cases now and then. You must choose a web hosting provider that’s reliable in times of your need, because if you’ve to rely on a developer to get everything sorted out for your website, then it would be costly and tough. 

BlueHost has a huge library of helpful articles covering almost any problem you can think of when it comes to hosting and managing a website. This library consists of video tutorials, guides, and articles.

But sometimes when you might not find a solution for your problem in that huge library, you can rely on their 24X7 chat support system. You can talk to a customer representative on live chat or phone call. It’s a reliable option when you need a quick solution to your problem.

Security Features:

When it comes to security you can count on Bluehost. With Bluehost, you get three layers of anti-spam protection in the form of spam hammer, Apache Spam Assassin, and Spam expert. Your every directory is password protected. 

If you wish to block access to your site, you have got the feature to blacklist IP address. Another security feature that you can rely on is SSH. It allows you to access your configuration files individually and securely. 

Refund Policy:

Bluehost allows you to cancel your account if you don’t like it within 30 days with a money-back guarantee. It simply means if you cancel your hosting account with Bluehost within the first 30 days, you’ll get a full refund. Domain fees are not refundable. 


Bluehost supports many different types of databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, CGI-BIN, PHP, Phyton, Perl, Ruby Or Rails, and many more. 

CMS & Scripts:

Bluehost supports tons of free website CMS & scripts like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, social networking scripts, and forum scripts.

Answer for – Is Bluehost the right choice for you?

After reading the information about BlueHost, you might be wondering about, should you start your website or blog with BlueHost?

When it comes to speed, security, and support Bluehost is ranked amongst the number #1 web hosting provider by many websites and professionals. They have shared their views about Bluehost based on their personal experience. 

If you’re looking for a reliable web hosting provider then go for Bluehost, because in 20 years they’ve built a very reliable reputation for themselves in the market. Whether you are looking for a cheap starter package or a full-fledged hosting for your product, Bluehost has a package for your every need.

The security and support factor also makes it a more viable choice, because if you are going to create and maintain your website on your own, it’s bound to happen, you’d get some errors that would need expert advice. Believe me in that situation Bluehost is very reliable.

So, yeah! You should go with Bluehost because it’s an amazing web-hosting provider who cares for you and your website. If you want to start with Bluehost, here’s an amazing hosting offer for you, Bluehost Discount Sale (save up to 50%).

Bluehost Plans & Pricing:

  • Share Web Hosting: $7.99/Mo (Save Up To 50% Click Here)
  • VPS Hosting: $29/Mo
  • Dedicated Hosting: $119/Mo
  • WordPress Hosting: $7.99/Mo
  • WordPress Pro: $29/Mo
  • E-commerce Hosting: $13.99

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The Complete Story In Less Than 150 Words:

Looks like you’re running short on time, so here’s the complete Bluehost review in less than 150 words. 

  • Bluehost Is a reliable & cost-effective web hosting service provider. 
  • Bluehost offers web hosting packages for all your needs.
  • Bluehost offers top-notch security and support when it comes to your hosting account.
  • Bluehost is featured and recommended by WordPress and supports pretty much every cms & script.  
  • Bluehost Offers $200 marketing credits to kick off your account.
  • Don’t like BlueHost, you can get your money back if you cancel the account within 30 days. 
  • Bluehost has built a good reputation for itself in 20 years and is recommended by many professionals and website.

So, yeah! Bluehost is a great option to start your new website. Here’s a little gift for you, save up to 50% on your hosting account if book now.

Disclosure: Hello there, I am a Bluehost affiliate, and when you’d click a link and purchase a hosting account, I’ll get a small commission. That’s how I am able to manage this blog, It doesn’t cost you anything extra, but I guarantee that by using my link, you’ll get the best price and discounts.


Bluehost Discount Coupon

Get Upto 60% Discount when you buy a hosting plan!

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