Preferences, how it impacts the success of your funnel?


The biggest assumption that most funnel hackers or marketers have is everyone wants their product in the niche.

They assume that everyone wants to change their current status quo, be successful, safe, happy, and able to go to those so-called expensive restaurants and order food without looking at the price of the dishes.

If you give it a bit of thought, then it does sounds true to a certain extent.
But, here’s the tricky side of it.

Everyone wants something or the other things, but it’s not going to be similar or relevant.

Think about it! Why does not everyone wear the same color or type of cloth? Why do people own different cars?

Why do some people like to spend a thousand dollars on something they could buy in a hundred? Some even want it for free.

Yeah! We do have those people too. (Getting them to pull their credit card out to buy your product would have some tough challenges.)

There’s something called preference. People might want the same thing, but their preferences would vary drastically.

And that is why getting a higher conversion rate is a pain in the A** process because you have to go through hoops to figure out preferences, the behavior of a specific segment of audience from your niche, and draft your message in a way that relates and connects with them to get a sale.

So, the truth is we do not like the same thing! You might like green color, and I might like blue. Everyone has different perspectives, behaviors, values, beliefs, and their life experiences shape their views.

Adjusting your whole marketing strategy to sync with their values, beliefs, and views is what makes the difference between a successful funnel marketing campaign or a failure.

Note: There are two very important Ps in creating a successful funnel: preference and persuasion. I’ll share information about persuasion in my next post.

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