One Reason Why Your Blog Looks Like A Barren Land (No Readers)


You have a nice blog with good design, good content, and it provides a good user experience. 

That’s great! But how many readers do you have? 

How many people like to read your content, or how many people you think will benefit from your content?

Be realistic here! Just because you shared a list of 15 sites where people can make money from is not going to help your audience, because they can figure out those websites easily. 

The content that is general and does not have a fixed goal or value to provide, would not attain the reader’s attention for a long time, or give them a reason to visit your blog again. Take an example of a book here, people read it because the story is good, and in the end, they get value out of it. People choose a book to read based on their needs or solutions that they seek, and the book provides them that solution in a well-structured way. 

Just ask yourself this question.

Why People Should Follow Your Blog Or Subscribe To It?

I hope your answer is not something, like because I share good content. There are thousands of blogs that share way better content than you do, so that reason is not very strong. Those blogs might have a good amount of readers, or they might not, but they do have good content.  

What makes these blogs great that they have good readers? 

The answer is they write content looking at their audience pattern, history of their readership, and most importantly they share their experiences as a piece of content, not a list of something, or piece of content put together from different sources. 

Let’s take an example here: 

You wrote an article about 20 websites that you can use to make money from home. 

I’d never read that article because a simple google search would give me many of those websites. (It’s my personal opinion)

And someone else wrote an article that goes like this.

(FREE) Step by step guide to get your first 100$ from these 5 websites. 

This piece of content talks about how people can use these websites to make money from home, the uses, the process, the points that they need to consider, and resources. 

Which one do you think provides more value to a reader? 

People love content that they can relate to and get value out of it. 

The Correct Definition Of Good Content

What is good content? How do we decided that this piece of content is good or not? The answer would vary from people to people, and niches to niches, but there’s a common outline. 

A piece of content that caters to a specific set of audience to provide a solution to a relative problem by establishing yourself as an expert or adding values to audience life with the shared information. 

The good piece of content always going to be content that gives away something valuable to the reader in the end. 

How to Write Actual Good Content?

Writing good content is not as easy as just writing content because it requires you to take extra steps and put in more effort as compared to the past. But as the saying goes, “Hard work always pays off.” The quality content would get more readers and subscribers as compared to your past content when you would pair it with effective marketing strategies. 

Write high-quality content requires Four steps, and each step carries the same level of importance. 

1- Understand Your Niche & Audience  

You’ve to understand and be very clear about who is going to read and digest your content. Good content is never just a piece that you wanted to write about or talk about, it’s created by you for others, and their involvement, feedback is what going to make your content a piece of art over the period. 

Let me give you another example here so that you can understand it clearly:

You’re a chef working in a restaurant. You’re never going to cook the dishes you want the customer to eat, right. You’ll create a menu based on your expertise, and then the customers will choose the dish that they want to eat. You’ll prepare those dishes and serve it to the customer. 

The same process works here. You know the field you are expert in, that becomes your niche. You’re the chef at your blog, where you will create pieces of content based on your expertise that your audience is looking for. 

Believe me, pieces of content that are specially prepared for the audience, they love it. 

2- The Content Needs To Have A Goal Or Provide Value To The Audience 

Before you decide what you are going to create, you should be working on why are you going to create it. 

Don’t just start writing because you’ve found an idea, or think that idea is great. Your personal opinion matters a lot, but it’s not the only thing that’s going to make your content a great piece. So hold on to the idea that just popped in your head, if you think you’ll forget it, then jot it down on a piece of paper. 

All great pieces of content have one thing in common, they have a goal or value to offer, and then the goal is monetized in different ways, subscribers, downloads, conversions, traffic, etc.  

Write content that has a clear goal or value that your audience would get in the end, and then monetize that goal. 

Let me give you an example here for more clarity: 

You’ve decided to write an article about how to increase your affiliate income. 

Do a little research on your idea or the topic, see what others have to say about it, how they added value to their reader’s life. Write down points that attract your attention. Why? because right now you’re a reader to that blog, and you’re reading that piece of article because you want to improve your article and gain more understanding about the topic. Right!

Your blog readers would have the same reaction with the piece of content that you’re creating, so note down the points that you think would make your content even better. When you are done with your research, find the goal of your content, and monetize it. 

Our idea was to write an article on how to increase your affiliate income. Based on the research you will have a wider perspective, you will know the layout of this content or idea, you’ll have a better understanding of how you can make it more effective and beneficial for your audience. 

You’ve your topic and the goal, start writing. 

3- Keep It Simple, Keep It on The Point

One thing you should be very clear about is you’re writing the piece of content to solve your reader’s problems, provide value to them, not to show how good your English is. 

Remember, every reader is different, and their skillset it different so keeping the content simple always going to help you. If you put complicated words that your readers need to google to understand, then you’ll end up losing them.  

Write it simply, stay away from complex sentences, and keep it to the point. Your readers will be happy and enjoy the reading experience. 

4- Market The Piece Of Content

You’ve published your great piece of content. Awesome, now what! 

You won’t get readers just by publishing content on your blog, you need to make people aware of your content, your blog. But, how do you do that?

Good question! Different people have a different suggestions on marketing your content. All those ways might work or might not work for you. You’ve to test all those marketing methods for yourself, it’s time-consuming, and heart-wrenching process, but you’ve to go through this because it’s the only way to get more readers, and monetizing your passion for blogging.

All those marketing strategies that you know about, or find it on the net have one thing in common – Find the places with a relevant audience and go there scream about yourself in the most effective and attention-grabbing way possible. 

Let me give an example here:

You’re selling a book.  

Think of one place that you can market your book easily and effectively. It’s a library, right! There are many readers, and they are a gold mine for you. 

Your blog is the same. Think of the place where you would find an audience for your blog, and then create strategies to divert those people to your blog so that they can read your content, and become a loyal reader.

The Moral Of This Story

The moral of this story is that create content that is beneficial for your audience. Don’t share content that you think your audience would love it because great content is made by the involvement of your audience, and their feedback. Your content needs to solve the problem of your readers, not just talk about the problem. They are looking for a solution, not for awareness of their problem, they already know and understand their situation. 

Write your content with a goal, an intention of providing value to your readers. General content would never get you far, but the content that is written with your expertise, and personalized for your audience would give you high returns. 

According to you what makes the content a good content. Share your answer in the comments. 

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