How To Know What You’re Doing In Your Life Is Right Or Wrong?


Do you ever find yourself lost in life? Tired of everything around you, no matter what you do, how long you think, you can’t find a glimpse of hope or someone to tell you, “You’re doing the right thing!”.

Your life seems like one long cycle of mistakes and failures. Everything around you feels repetitive, and you feel like you are stuck. You just want to quit everything and live in a comfortable zone of life, because the failures and obstacles have made you weak and scared of uncertainty, and the unknown.

You don’t want to take an uncertain route to success, to a better life anymore. You don’t want to feel like waking up in the middle of the night and wondering what am I doing with my life, how can I measure my success. There’s no scale, no boards, and no indication that will guide me. There are just words, suggestions, and advice of those who have already reached their destination.

That guidance, motivational words, can only help you get you where you want to go if you don’t quit in the middle, if you don’t lose your confidence, don’t get scared of the unknown. But what about the satisfaction you seek, the questions that remain answered, and indications that tell you that you’re on the right track, keep walking.

What if I tell you how you can find the satisfaction you seek, how you can get the answers of those question that remains answered, and how you can evaluate that you are walking in the right direction that leads toward your destination.

You’ll never know how far you can go if you don’t challenge yourself.


You’ve failed yet another attempt to accomplish your goal. And you’re frustrated about it. You can’t count how many times you’ve failed till now, and success still seems very far to you. All you want to do is quit everything because you’re tired of the repetitive failures.

All those people who are trying to build something fail, and they fail many times. Success only comes to those who are persistent enough to not let go of their dreams. They keep getting back up to try one more time with a new perception, and past experiences, because they know that every failure brings them closer to success, they know every failure indicates what they need to work on, and how close they are to their dream.

To those people, failure is the best indication they can find to tell how close they are to their dream. To those who want success to be easy should think twice.

What would success mean if there was no failure? How can people make history, if success was so easy to attain?


Do you have haters?

Good! Your haters are the best indication that you’re doing something right because these haters only hate people who are ahead of them, people who have something that they don’t and lack the courage and commitment to get it. Your haters tell you how good you are doing in your life.

Go ahead, work harder, and give them more reason to hate you.


Do you find joy in what you do?

Does it make you happy when you get a little bit closer to your goal?

Count those happy moments! How many times did you felt that satisfaction of getting closer to your goal?

The answer to this question will tell you how close you are to your dream, and why you should not quit now, and the courage that you need to get up one more time and try it all over again. Remember, the joy of success is hard to attain, but it’s very addictive. Once tasted, people crave more and more.

It’s not that hard to tell what we’re doing in life is right or wrong, it just needs a little bit of courage to seek an answer.

Do you think you are doing the right thing in your life?

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