4 Effective Tips For Doing Blogging In 2020 The Right Way


2019 ended!

It’s the beginning of 2020. People are making new resolutions, crafting new action plans for their business, excited about putting more effort in the direction of their dreams. Everyone is chalking out something that they would follow in the year 2020. It can be a small action plan or a huge layout for a new venture that might cause a wave on the ocean of business in 2020. 

Everyone has a plan or two for 2020. As a blogger, What’s your action plan for 2020? 

In what direction you want your blog to head? 

Do you want your blog to grow effectively? Or do you want to generate more profit from your blog?

Your goal could be anything, but you need a plan to conquer that goal. You might have heard this saying, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”. We are not here to wish for something; we’re here for the goal. As a blogger, your goal could be anything, but I am confident about one thing that you’d want to do effective blogging in 2020. 

What I mean by effective blogging is – You’d want to get more traffic, more readers, more sales, and build more widespread exposure for yourself. Your goal would somehow relate to or revolve around the growth of your blog and your personal growth. I’d love to help you be an efficient blogger and do the blogging in 2020 the right way. 

Here are 9 powerful tips for doing blogging in 2020 the right way and establish yourself as a professional as well as an influential blogger. 

Be Clear About Your Blogging Goals

It’s good that you know what your blogging goals are right now. Can you still remember them after 30 days? Will you be able to find the inspiration and motivation that you’ve right now after 30 days?  

Before you have an answer or a thought in your head, I’d like to tell you that life gets blurry sometimes. In 2020, every day is not going to be sunny there would be cloudy and rainy ones too. Staying motivated in those days would be a cumbersome task on you. If you can survive without losing your motivation and interest in your goal, then you’re a marvelous blogger and a human being. 

But! What if you are not able to sustain your motivation? What if your goals get blurry? What if you lose your interest, just because the game got harder for you? 

Would you be able to continue?  

I’ve been there, fought the feeling of being lost, and searched for every possible way to get back on the track I was or planned to be. The only thing that worked out that time was so simple that I found it hard to believe. 

It was a simple note that I wrote in my diary at the beginning of 2019. It did not have anything special written. What it contained was my goals written in pretty bad handwriting, that I think I am the only one who can read it, and the reward I would give myself for succeeding that goal. 

Those simple words were enough for me to get the feeling back, which I had the time when I wrote the goal. 

In 2020, when your life gets blurry, you are not able to do blogging effectively or get lost in the drama of life create a save point. The savepoint could be anything that would bring you back to the moment you were inspired to achieve your goal. 

For me it was, putting the goal down in my yearly diary. For you, it could be anything like making the wallpaper of your computer, printing it and hanging it on your wall or a simple excel sheet to track your goal progress. 

Create a save point for yourself. 

Don’t Just Randomly Do Things.

You’re not playing a lottery that few random attempts would give you success. Blogging is not something where you can expect a favorable result if you keep doing things with no base and rhythm. 

Blogging is a very structured game. 

You’ve to play it by rules, but you’re free to find a cheat that works for you, pushes you ahead in the game from the rest of the players (bloggers). That cheat could be anything – a traffic generation strategy, your blogpost writing style, your social network, and your services. One thing it can not be ever is being random and doing things randomly. 

You can never expect to achieve your blogging goals in 2020 by being random. Effective blogging in 2020 won’t happen by doing random things at random times. Everything needs a plan, a layout, or a set of instructions to work efficiently, and blogging is no different. 

In 2020, you’ve laid out your blogging goals already. Now you need to make a concrete plan for those goals. Writing it down won’t make it happen, but having an action plan will.  

The Missing Factor

You know your goal, and you have a good action plan in your hand to conquer it. 

But, what if I tell you that something is missing, something important, something that will decide your success. You can’t ignore that factor; if you did, the result would be the obvious one, and you would not like that. 

What is that factor? 

Commitment! Your commitment towards your goal is always going to be the deciding factor. You can’t accept to accomplish your goals by doing things halfway. 

Remember, if your heart is no there, your head would not be there for long too. 

When you want to succeed at something, the best advice or the best action you can take is to live for that goal or thing, don’t work for it. If you invest all you’ve for what you want, the result would always be the obvious one. You might not get it in a day or two, but you would get it when your effort becomes equivalent to your goal. 

Commit to your goal. Be responsible for it. 

Focus On Growth More To Do Effective Blogging In 2020

There’s someone out there who knows what you know and does the same things you do. The number of people like that would keep on increasing only. 

You are a blogger, good. But what makes you different from those million other bloggers?

Don’t believe in crap like, you write high-quality content, you treat your reader right, and you don’t spam your readers. Those things might make you feel good, but they are not something that will set you apart in the crowd. Nothing of that sort is going help you beat a blogger who has more skill and knowledge than you. 

A blogger focused on growth will work on the factors that will provide actual results, not personal satisfaction. You have a goal that you want to achieve through your blog; It can be you want to make more money, get more readers, build more exposure for your services, etc. Focus on that goal, not on the things that give you satisfaction. 

As a blogger, focus on the 3 things mentioned below. 

Traffic Generation: 

Your high-quality content means nothing if there’s no one to read it. You’ve to work on growing your traffic because a blog without readers is a barren land. Your blogging profit is directly proportional to the amount of traffic you drive to your blog.

Here are a few unique traffic generation strategies that you execute to do effective blogging in 2020. 

Traffic Retention: 

Traffic generation is only one side of the coin, and it’s already a whole science in itself. What if I tell you, the other side of the coin is even hard to master. 

We all know the other side of the coin as traffic retention. Driving traffic is not going to help you in the long run, and to establish an authority for your blog, the only thing that can accomplish that is retaining the traffic you divert to your blog, in simple words growing the count of your loyal blog readers. 

Establishing Yourself As An Expert 

You’ve to build credibility in your niche to be effective, to be successful as a blogger. You can’t expect to achieve it just by publishing a few blog posts on your blog. 

The best way to achieve this is by sharing your knowledge and skill with the people who need it. Take part in communities, help people, and be active on platforms like Quora. 

Don’t ignore this! As a blogger, you have two choices, you can lead, or you can follow. By being an expert in your niche, you lead other bloggers and your suggestion, words carry credibility in them. 

The Whole Story In Less Than 150 Words

2019 just ended. 

2020 is going to be a very vivid year with new possibilities, obstacles, and struggles. As a blogger, you would want to do effective blogging in 2020 and make more profits. If yes, then you’ve to focus on growth. 

Make 2020 the year of growth for you. Build your credibility in your niche, work on generating more traffic, and focus on retention your traffic to do more effective blogging in 2020. 

What’s your goal in 2020? 

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