Best way to get more blog traffic

The 3 Best Ways To Get More Traffic For Your Blog In 2020


We all have this one question that we ask ourselves, always. We seek the answer like a thirsty person seeks water in the desert. Yeah! The answer to that question is the X factor that helps you generate more profit through your blog. 

What is that question? 

The question is, “How do I get more traffic for my blog?”

Yeah! A simple search on Google will give you like thousands or maybe millions of articles on how you can drive more traffic to your blog. But, all those articles are general in terms or always end up talking about the tip of the iceberg without ever mentioning how we can reach there. Those general strategies or blog traffic generation methods are never going to give you a long term result. They might work for getting a few thousands visitor to your blog when you execute them effectively.

But, I’m sure you’re not working so hard to be contempt with that. You’re working to build a six-figure income stream through your blog, and that’s only possible when you send a good volume of targeted traffic to your blog. 

You might have a phenomenal blog, you might even write like Shakespeare, but what is the use of having a marvelous blog with beautiful stories, if there’s no one to read it.

Your blog becomes meaningful only when people are reading it. Otherwise, it’s just like an empty fancy house with no purpose and use. 

You don’t want that to happen to your blog. You want to make it big, right! Just like everyone else. You’re also the part of the race called building a profitable blog in 2020. 

So, how do you get ahead in the race? The answer is going to be a simple one, and you might not like it. 

The answer – Drive more traffic to your blog. 

But how? To help you with this question, I came up with the 3 best and effective way to get more traffic for your blog. But before we talk about the blog traffic generation strategies, let’s be a little clear about our motives. 

Why do you want or need more blog traffic? 

You have a blog, great! But like I said earlier, having a blog without traffic is not going to fly for long. You can not monetize your effort & time well and proportionally if you fail to get more traffic for your blog. 

You’re not blogging for free. You have a reason behind setting up a blog. The motive can vary from blogger to blogger, but in the end, it’s always going to boil down to profit generation.

Your motive can be to help people, to provide resources, and make a difference in people’s lives. But in the end, you’d want to monetize on your effort. 

Here’s the catch: If you are blogging intent is to make money, it’s not going to work out for you then. Just quit blogging right now. 

People are going to pay you only when you help them with your skills or add value to their life with your blog. They are not going to pay you for your time, always remember that. 

The irony is when you try to help people with the resources, skills you’ve, you end up making a good profit. 

But how do you find those people? 

Traffic. So, if you want more traffic for your blog, then don’t focus on driving traffic, work to help people, add value to their life, and they will come to you. 

3 Best Way To Get More Traffic For Your Blog

Here are the 3 best ways to reach people you can help with your blog posts and resources you share on your blog.  (Click links for more helpful resources on how to get more traffic for your blog.)

Snoop & Sweep Facebook Page

The name might sound fancy, but It represents what this Facebook strategy is all about.

Step 1:  Find a Facebook that has a big audience in your niche. Every single person who likes that page is your audience. Try to establish a connection with the audience, engage with them to leave a footprint for the audience to follow. There are 2 ways that I found to be effective when it comes to stealing the page audience and diverting them to our page or blog. 

1st Method: Engage with the posts, comment consistently, and make your presence know on the page. The most reliable way to do this is by replying to comments, tagging people who can add more value to the thread, or just by giving away something for free, which is relevant to the post.  

2nd Method: Send friendship requests to people who are most active on the page, and once they accept your request, send them a DM introducing yourself and share how your blog can add value to their life, solve their problems. 

The YouTube Stroll & Stop Method

We ignore YouTube when it comes to driving traffic to our blog. Why? We have this perception that we need videos.

It’s not entirely wrong! We do need videos when we want to monetize our efforts. But when our motive is to drive traffic from YouTube, we need a few traffic generation strategies. 

Here’s a very efficient traffic generation strategy for driving traffic from YouTube to your blog. 

Step 1:  Find videos that are posted within a week in your niche and save them in an excel sheet with factors like views, comments, and likes. Consider the future growth of those videos, and shortlist a few videos to engage with them. There are 2 ways you can drive traffic from those videos. 

The Free Way – Put a long comment that appears relevant with a bit of humor. A great comment gets lots of attention on YouTube. Reply to the comments and take part in those long discussions. To make this more effective, create a YouTube channel and upload a slideshow video about your blog.

The Paid Way – Once you figure out that this video is going to grow, you can partner with the YouTuber to get your blog or service featured in his next video or description of the current video. 

Question And Answer – Quora

Helping people solve their problem is one of the most efficient ways to drive traffic to your blog. But where do you find these people?

Quora. You can’t ignore the potential of this marvelous platform when it comes to building a loyal audience for your blog. There are tons of people seeking help from professionals to get a solution to their problem.

Join the platform and help people by contributing to their platform consistently. Over a period, you’ll see the spike in your blog traffic. The way I like to do it is, I find a question in my niche, and I write a blog post trying to answer that question.  

Once the blog post is published, I visit back to that question and write a short answer with a link back to my blog post. I can find many relevant questions on Quora. I strive to answer all those questions with unique brief answers and a link back to your blog post. 

It helps me to get more exposure for my blog as well as build some good loyal readers for my blog. 

The Whole Story In Less Than 150 Words

The X-factor behind any profitable blog is always a high amount of targeted traffic. It’s no secret, we all know how hard it is to drive people to our blog and then make conversion happen. But, we all are also well aware that we need blog traffic to generate revenue, to be successful. So, we are in search of some exceptional blog traffic generation strategies always. 

In this story, I share the 3 most effective ways to get more blog traffic for your blog without spending a single cent from your pocket.  

1 – Sweep Facebook to find a page with a big audience in your niche and become an active contributor to that page to steal or divert their audience to your page and blog. 

2- Find recently submitted videos in your niche that have the potential of growth. Make a sensible comment on these videos with a touch of humor to gain attention, or you can talk with the YouTuber to feature your blog in the description or the next video. You can pay him/her or follow the barter route. 

3- Become an active member of Quora to get more traffic for your blog.

How do you get more traffic for your blog? 

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