8 Methods To Make Your Facebook Ads Work Effectively And Drive More Conversions


Before we get to the nitty-gritty of this blog post, let me ask you a simple question.

How to create a Facebook ad that converts?

How many times have you thought about the question and tried to figure out an answer that works and provide you with valuable information that you could put to action right off the bat?

With this blog post, I’ll try my best to answer the same question and share as much valuable information I have gathered over eight years of my digital marketing career and by running FB ads of more than ₹1.8M.

Facebook Ads are a great way to drive more traffic and conversions, but not if they suck.

There are tons of bad Facebook ads out there, and you might have seen a good number of them. Some of these ads are embarrassing, and worse costing money to us.

Bad Facebook ads are just a waste of time, effort, and MONEY. But we all want to do better, grow, and learn how to take advantage of Facebook ads.

That’s why I have put together a list of 8 methods that you can implement right off the bat to make your ads work effectively and drive more conversions.

1- Your Offer Plays A Key Role

Is there a need for your offer or product in the niche?

How easily audience understands your offer?

You have to be clear about these two factors because the success of your Facebook ads is greatly dependent on whether you have the right offer or product that your audience wants.

People are not looking for just any products or offers to buy, they are looking for something that they need, something that adds value to their life.

How well your offer fits in that context?

If you can show how your offer or product solves the problem your target audience is facing, then you are already very close to closing the deal and getting a conversion.

So don’t get too attached or focused on creating a great Facebook ad, writing the perfect ad copy, because nothing would work if your offer fails to connect with the audience. Instead, focus on a lay-outing your offer, product in a manner that it’s easy to understand, convincing.

2 – Try to understand your target audience

You can’t shape your Facebook ads on guesses and hunches. Every aspect of your Facebook ad has to be backed by sound data and deep understanding.

You have a great offer or product to promote, great! The second aspect that you should focus on to understand the audience to whom you’re going to sell your offer. Most advertisers ignore this aspect and select the audience based on the least amount of information they have, or sometimes it’s just a hunch.

It’s time to stop guessing who your customers are, where they are, and why they should buy from you. Find out what your audience likes, their location, needs, messaging by doing a customer need analysis. This information is necessary!

If you fail to understand your audience, you can’t target the right audience to promote your offer.

As we all know, success doesn’t happen overnight, you need to prepare for it. To create a successful Facebook ad we need preparation, and understanding the targeted audience is the part of that preparation that we can’t skip in any condition. You need to know who is your audience and how to reach them.

3- Have The formula to determine the success or profitability of your ad

You don’t need a Ph.D. in math to figure out whether your ads are profitable or not. If you can count to 5, you can do it!

That’s how easy it is.

You need to be clear about the aspects or metrics you need to track and the equation you need to execute. On Facebook, we can run different types of ads, and the equation will keep on changing based on the campaign objective. But there are few metrics we should always pay attention to and will help us understand that our ad is profitable or not.

1- CPC (Cost Per Click)

2- EPC (Earning Per Click)

3- CPL (Cost Per Lead)

4- Number Of Leads, Purchase, Conversion, Views

4- CTR (Click Through Rate)

5- Ad Spend

6- CPP OR CPA (Cost Per Purchase Or Cost Per Acquisition)

7- Link Clicks

By tracking the following metrics, we can calculate the profitability of the ad campaign anytime we want.

For EX: If we are running a lead ad, and we are paying close attention to the following metrics, CPL, Link Clicks, Number of leads, and Ad spend, we can easily calculate that the ad is profitable or not.

If the cost per lead is high and there are few leads then the ad is not profitable. You need to adjust the ad.

NOTE: It’s best to let an ad run for at least 48 to 72 hours before making a judgment call.

4- Create A Funnel Or Landing Page That Aligns Perfectly With Your Goal & Offer

There are a ton of different funnel models out there, and most of the work. But not all of them will align with your ad budget, the goal you have in mind.

We’ve to narrow it down to one funnel model that fits perfectly with your ad budget and aligns with the goal you have in your mind. You can’t just put together a few pages and expect them to work.

For example, One funnel I was working on functions like this, a Facebook ad sends people to an opt-in page. That opt-in page sends them to a webinar page. That webinar page sends them to a page where they can schedule a call to book a training.


The funnel flow was not tested yet, and I was asked what amount they need to spend to book 60 training calls in a month. Without testing, I was like the best funnel delivers a conversion rate of 3 to 4%. To get 60 people to schedule a training call, I’d need to get at least 1500 people to see the schedule a call page so that 4% of them would book a call.

To drive 1500 people on the appointment page or schedule a call page, we have to send a good amount of people on the OPT-IN page, and then it would filter down to the appointment page.

Assigning a budget to the advertising campaign is difficult because multiple conversions and filtrations are happening before the end goal is achieved!

Based on your ad experience, you can already tell that you would need to spend quite a bit of money and run multiple ads to test before figuring out the winner that helps you achieve the desired goal by following the current funnel flow.

To reduce the ad cost and achieve the desired goal, we need to optimize the funnel. One way of optimizing the funnel can be Sending people directly to the appointment booking page by restructuring the page itself to improve its conversion factors.

5- Funnel Layout & Designs

You can’t expect your funnel designs to work in just one attempt.

You have to test, tweak, and optimize the funnel you have created to make it work effectively. It does not matter whether you’ve created hundreds of funnel or just one. What matters is how adaptive you are when it boils down to optimizing the funnel design based on data and insights.

The bitter reality is that most funnel needs multiple iterations to start producing a result. You need to have a keen eye for details and keep adjusting things based on the data you have to make your funnel profitable as fast as possible.

6- Ad Graphic Or Video

What attracts your attention predominantly on the Facebook feed?

What makes you click, like, and comment on a post?

Most probably an Image, graphic, or video. Ad graphic or video is the key element that attracts the attention of a viewer or user.

A well-crafted graphic or video not only helps you persuade people to click on your ad but also delivers information making it easier for them to decide to buy your product or service.

Add a creative image to your Facebook ad, and you can see better results.

7- Ad Caption Or Copy

As we all know, a successful ad consists of audience targeting, good graphics or video, and compelling ad copy.

To write a good, compelling ad copy, you don’t need to be a novelist. As long as you have a clear idea about your goal and understand the audience, you can put together a good ad copy.

Here’s a simple ad template that you can use to write your ad copy.

There’s a formula behind [goal or outcome you are promising]

This is what separates winners from losers.

[Tell a small story of how you discovered this formula]

[Create urgency for your offer with using power words]

Link to the landing page.

[Bullet list of benefits & what they will get]

[Tell why they need this right now]

Call to action.

Note: Add emojis to ad copy. It makes ad copy look more compelling and personal.

8 – Maintain consistency throughout the campaign

Would you buy a product where the ad and landing page is not consistent and talk about things in a different tone.

Probably not! By not maintaining consistency throughout the campaign you are killing the conversion rate and wasting money. If the messaging on your ad doesn’t match with your funnel, people will get confused, and that can lead to them bouncing off from your page. That’s the worst thing you can expect to happen when selling a product or service to the visitor.

Facebook advertising is not rocket science, it’s another marketing tool that you can learn and master. It’s just a matter of dedication and knowledge execution.

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