5 Lessons Taught By Life – The Hard Way


Life was never meant to be an easy Journey. It will always be an ungracious, cruel, and nerve-wracking teacher. A teacher who teach the lessons in a very practical way, where every situation we are in, every decision we make have something to teach us, so our tomorrow would be better than today. We would be wiser because of the mistakes labeled as the experiences we’ve gained.

Life has taught me quite a few things which I’ve not learned by the education system. All these lessons were practical and painful in some way or the other, but these lessons made me who I am today, wiser, smarter, and closer to the real world.

In order to be successful in life, you’ve to be committed.

Lesson 1: Sometimes you have to lose the match to win the game.

It’s okay to quit the match when odds are not in your favor and retry later on. Don’t worry about others opinion or thought, because they are not the one playing, it’s YOU. But don’t give up on the game ever.

Lesson 2: Accept no one’s definition of your life; Create Your Own Life.

People will always give you opinions, ideas, or the so-called layouts for a successful life, or tell you how you should do things, how you should live your life, but in truth, all those things will never work for you. Your story is always going to be unique when compared to the 7 Billion people. You’ll have to figure out your way of doing things, you’ll have to figure out your purpose in life. You can’t replicate or reproduce someone else story and be the lead character of it. In the end, you’ll have to write your own story with your hand.

Lesson 3: Your Hard-Work Will Never Betray you

You have got a dream of being successful, having a good bright life. That’s good! But sometimes your hard work might not be enough for it. Your dream might betray you, even though you’ve worked hard for it. In the journey, you might have taken one wrong turn and your end destination turned out to be different then you hoped for. Don’t feel discouraged, even though your dream didn’t materialize this time, but your hard work has brought you very close to it and gave you rewards for it. So never give up on hard work, because it will never cut you short.

Lesson 4: Stress Will Never Solve Anything For You

In life, we tackle many different stressful circumstances, and in those circumstances, we tend to make decisions that never solve the problem or change the situation we are in. We become even more stressful and start to avoid the problem thinking it will go away with time, but it doesn’t help. What we should be doing is use our ability to choose our thoughts, weigh them over other thoughts, and try to be logical and realistic to find one which suits perfectly for the situation.

Lesson 5: You Don’t Need An Excuse To Say No To People

You can’t keep on saying YES to every person you meet, everything that’s being asked to you. If you do! you’d never have time for yourself, and you’d never be able to deliver quality results with your platter being full of things. Don’t sacrifice your time for others, because the time is irreversible. Get your priorities right and say YES to people only when it’s your responsibility or if it’s beneficial to you, otherwise be a good friend to the word NO and use it frequently to focus on what matters to you most.

Life is a long journey where you’ve to figure out your destination and makes choices that lead you in the direction of your destination.

Share the best lesson life has taught you.

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