3 Unique Blog Traffic Generation Tactics You Have to Read to Believe


You might not know that there are more than 150 million blogs out there in the blogosphere, and your blog is ONE of them. 

There are millions of blogs out there that offer the same information just like you do, they might be better in terms of traffic, profit, and readership than you or bad. You’ve to beat those blogs and claim a spot for yourself if you want to make a difference in your life with blogging and help people with your stories. 

Your blog, content, effort does not mean a thing if you can’t get readers for your blog. Everything becomes redundant. The existence of your blog can only be meaningful if there are readers, people who benefit from your valuable content. 

Your good content won’t help you if you’ve no blog readers. In that case, your blog is pretty much useless to you and people who are looking for the stories you’ve written. Even if you write like Shakespeare, it’s not going to help you or make any difference, because a story needs readers to be labeled as a good or bad story. 

So how do you get those readers? 


You’ve to work on generating traffic for your blog from different platforms. You’ve thousands of marketing strategies at your exposure, but all of them are not going to work for you. Most of the traffic generation strategies are niche depended and work best when they are executed in a targeted manner. 

You’ve to keep generating traffic for your blog constantly. There’s no other shortcut or secret formula to building a profitable blog. It all depends on how good you are when it comes to using hooks to fish readers for your blog. 

Today I’ll share with you 3 ways to get traffic for your blog. It can be executed for every possible niche out there, the effectiveness of these traffic generation strategies depends on you, and your efforts. 

But before we go fishing, we have to prepare the bait. The bait needs to be catchy so that we can fish a lot.

The bait here is your CONTENT.  

The Content

You’ve to understand your niche and audience to be able to write a piece of content that will hook the audience to your blog. You can’t keep on writing things based on your whims, in the long run, it’s not going to work out.  

Humans are selfish! They only look for things that they need or would be helpful for them in some way or the other. They are not going to look for what you think about this and that. They are always going to look for what you can provide that will ease or solve their problem. Our audience is HUMAN. 

Your content needs to be audience-centric and provide value. If you can achieve this, it’s going to be a perfect hook for fishing lots of readers for your blog. 

How do you create this perfect hook?

You have to figure out who is your audience. Ask these 6 questions to yourself to get a better understanding of who is your audience. 

  • What’s their occupation? 
  • What’s their demographic? 
  • What kind of information or content do they like to consume?
  • Where they spend their time most on the internet?
  • What are the problems you can solve for them?

How you are going to convert them into a repetitive visitor or a loyal reader? 

The answer to these questions will provide you better clarity on who your audience is and how you can write content that attracts their attention or create a perfect hook for them. 

Now you understand how to make a perfect hook to fish audience for your blog.  

But where do you fish for the audience, and how? 

Here are 3 blog traffic generation strategies that will help you to generate tons of FREE traffic for your blog. 

Facebook Groups & Members

There’s no use of telling you how good Facebook is when it comes to generating traffic. You must have heard it like a thousand times at different places, by different peoples.

But I’d like to emphasize that it is true. There are a few Facebook marketing strategies that are very effective when it comes to generating FREE traffic for your blog. The one I am going to share with you is very effective as well as easy to execute. 

It has 3 steps: 

A Facebook Group:  

You’ve to look for Facebook groups that are relevant to your niche and have similar audience characteristics that you’ve set for your blog audience.  

Look for groups that have more than 2500 members, and are highly active when it comes to engagement inside the group. When you find a group that meets all the parameters, join that group. 

Friend Requests:

Once you’ve become a member of the group. Go through the member list of that group and start sending a friend request to people. Make sure you don’t send more than 10 friend requests per hour and 35 in a day. 

Why do you need to connect with them? 

These people are highly targeted audience for your blog. They share the same interest as you and looking for the type of content that you share on your blog. 

Now think about it! Do you want to miss this highly targeted audience?

If not! Connect with them. 

A Message From You

After your friend request gets accepted by people, you ‘ve to send them a message or post on their wall to introduce yourself and how can you help them. 

The message doesn’t need to long, it can be just two or three lines talking about yourself, your blog, and what you do. 

Here’s a template for you: 

Hello, Romy here. I just wanted to say thanks for accepting the friend request. I have a blog (www.romysingh.com), where I share content that helps people build a profitable blog. If possible, please check out my blog and share your valuable thoughts with me. What about you? What are you working on at the moment? 

Turn Your Blog Posts Into Podcasts

Anchor Podcasting App

You might have heard about the Anchor app, it allows you to create and distribute podcasts very easily and efficiently. 

Create a podcast channel for your blog using the app. It’s easy and not a time-consuming task. It’s going to take you less than 10 minutes to set up everything that you need to run a podcast channel. 

When you’re done with setting up your podcast channel. You can create a small podcast about your new blog post, and interact with other podcasters to give the initial boost to your podcast channel. With every podcast, you create the chance of you growing your subscriber base increases also. 

The more subscriber base you build for yourself, the more blog traffic you can generate for your blog. It’s highly targeted traffic that can be converted into leads and sales if that’s your goal. 

You don’t need to invest a single penny in setting up fancy podcasting set up, the app alone is enough. 

Create Pins From Your Blog Post

Most of the bloggers tend to ignore Pinterest when it comes to generating traffic because somehow they got the idea it’s a women-centric platform and not a very effective platform for traffic conversion.

Don’t believe that garbage! If you know how to market your content right on Pinterest, you can generate thousands of visitors for your blog. 

This strategy has 3 steps: 

First step: 

Create a board for your blog post and write a good description. 

Second Step:

Pick up the good pieces from your blog post and create pin graphics for them. It could be anything from your blog posts like a quote, sub-headlines, and punchlines.  

Third Step: 

Publish your pins with intervals, and don’t forget to add your blog post link in every pin.  

You’d notice the number of link clicks and pin saves would increase after some time. If you keep doing this for every blog post you publish on your blog, you would notice the growth in your Pinterest profile as well as in your blog traffic. 

Note: It’s going to take a bit of time and your constant effort. 

The Whole Story In Less Than 150 Words:

A blog is meaningless without readers. 

It doesn’t matter how well you write if you are unable to get readers, then those words have no purpose. To give a meaning to your words, a purpose to your story, you need a reader. 

how do you get that reader?

Find relevant groups and add group members as your friends. After your friend request gets accepted, introduce yourself with a DM or post on their wall. 

Create a podcast for your blog posts using the anchor app and collaborate with other podcasters to build your subscriber base. 

Create pin graphics for your blog posts, and keep sharing them on Pinterest. 

What do you think about these traffic generation strategies? Share your most effective traffic strategy in the comment. 

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