What Prevents You From Change?


It’s our mindset, determination, and the courage to wander into something unknown.

Please think about this.

You are standing at the end of a road which has two turns. The left turn goes to your house, and you’re very familiar with it. The right turn also goes to your house, but you’ve never taken the right turn, it’s unknown and unfamiliar to you. You’ve heard stories about how long, and mazy this turn is. You’ve never taken this road.

I am in the process of becoming a better version of myself..

Which road are you going to take to reach your house?

Most people will choose the comfortable left turn because they are familiar with it, and they don’t have to be worried about uncertainties.

Why are they afraid to take the right turn? It’s filled with uncertainty, and unknown, and they are not ready to take the risk, they are not courageous enough. They don’t want to get lost and end up in a new place.

What prevented them from discovering the change, something new was not an external factor. It was their self-beliefs and thoughts. They’ve built their limits, and comfortable zone for themselves. We all know that change only happens outside of your comfort zone, change is uncertain and risky. You’ll have to adapt and get used to the change, for most people that is a gamble, which they don’t want to take. And they end up living their life in rewind for years.

Change is out there, all we need is the courage to reach out to it.

We keep waiting for a better day to come, but it never comes. We keep waiting for things to change, but they never do. All we see changing is the people around us. We keep looking for hope, but we never dare to go beyond our fears. We keep looking for a new light, but we always end up with the same darkness. We keep promising ourselves that, “I’ll change myself for better.” but we never do. Why we still expect and desire a better and meaningful life, when there’s nothing that we did to make it the way it’s in your head.

What’re your excuses for getting out of your comfort zone?

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