The One Crucial Mistake That Most Entrepreneurs Make


You don’t become an entrepreneur because you have a business. It’s not that easy to get that title if it was, then the count of entrepreneurs wouldn’t be so small. But, the journey of being a successful entrepreneur does start from there, and there’s no defined end to this journey. 

Why? Because there’s no limit to how far you can take your venture. If you want, you can build the world’s biggest company, the best product, and help millions, maybe billions of people. 

Entrepreneurship, it’s not an easy game. There are many hurdles, many struggles, and many humiliating circumstances where quitting becomes easier than continuing. You would have to go through all that to become an entrepreneur.

It takes a lot of courage and humility to call yourself stupid, to recognize and correct your behavior, mistakes in some situations. But that’s how we grow, become better, and learn the real faces of people around us. That’s how we know, what’s right and wrong, how to become efficient, and successful. 

Not everyone has this courage and heart to deal with humility. Remember that you are extraordinary and different, you are way ahead of those people who comment on you, and make fun of your circumstances. 

There would be circumstances, situations where you’d feel lost, make mistakes, and be on the verge to give up, quit. Most people make the easiest choice, and that’s the mistake they end up making. 

In Entrepreneurship, there’s nothing like instant results or overnight success. It’s more like growing a tree, hoping to get the fruit. 

Don’t be hasty, and hope to get millions in just a few months. 

You need to be patient, focus on growth, and be consistent.

The Mistake:

I’ve started & grown businesses myself, so I am quite familiar with that wondrous feeling. At the start, everything feels magical and achievable. All the obstacles were right in front of me, but the glow in my eyes, and the hunger for instant success didn’t allow me to see all those obstacles, and struggles.  

I was too focused on how to get the rich quick scheme.

When you think entrepreneurship is a shortcut to get rich, you would not only fail, but lose in every aspect of entrepreneurship.

That’s what happened to me. I failed, and failed miserably, lost a good amount of money, felt like going back to a 9 to 5 lifestyle. Where I always had a sense of security. 

I struggled for weeks in thoughts of what’s right and wrong for me? What should I do now? 

It took me quite a good number of days to put the broken me together, to figure out the mistakes, and decided the direction of my life. I was not alone. Lots of people helped me to get the focused state of my mind back. 

To get that needed courage to start again. 

But, before starting something fresh. I wanted to visit the past journey and break it down to figure out my mistakes, errors, decisions, and imagine all the possible case scenarios that I could to understand what should I do if when faced with a similar situation. 

I did learn quite a few things, but majorly my perceptive was changed, I got a better grasp on what entrepreneurship is. 

I did learn that to be successful, I have to be patient, consistent, and focus on the goal more, rather than the results.

The biggest gain for me was the perspective. How I see things now, the way I analyze situations, circumstances, and the way I act, make decisions is way more efficient and powerful as compared to the past. 

Now, I know that entrepreneurship is more like solving a puzzle, where every piece that I hold, and move, affects the overall picture. I need to evaluate every piece before moving them, and I need to have plans for what to do next after I place a piece. 

It’s not easy, but the secret is, stay in the game to learn it over a period.

Successful Entrepreneurs Know

That success is far, and I need to continue my journey in every condition if I want to attain it. 

That patience & persistence is the key to be a good and successful entrepreneur. 

That every mistake would have a price attached to it. I have to be consistent and dedicated to my goal. 

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur then you need to understand these facts too. They are not like darts shot in the dark. All of them are proven and experienced by every entrepreneur we know of today. 

You’ve to understand that you can’t be an entrepreneur till you’ve built something for yourself, till you’ve learned the habits, traits of those successful entrepreneurs because that’s their weapon of mass success. 

Do not worry much about the mistakes that you’ve already made, spend most of your time figuring out how you would deal with your mistake to get the best of the situation because mistakes and failures are the major reason why most of the entrepreneurs end up quitting. 

Being persistent would help you a lot in your journey to be a successful entrepreneur. 

So don’t worry about the mistake, spend more time on planning a way to make the best out of your mistake. 

That’s how you become an entrepreneur. 

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Singh Romy

Singh Romy

Co-founder at Solutions&Beyond. Spend most of my time thinking about ideas, marketing, and product. I love connecting brands with their audience through creative stories, and experiences. Working for a better life, and to make One Big Dream into a reality.

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