The List of Common Questions Freelancers Get!


How do you earn six-figure?

How do you charge your clients?

How do you find your clients?

Do you have a mentor?

Can you share the secret of your success?

How do you design a good sales funnel?

What are the other sources of your income?

And the list goes on….

I have received almost all of these questions frequently over the course of my career as a freelance and digital agency owner. And I have tried to answer them every single time for the person who approached me.

It took me a while to notice, but most people don’t do anything after getting a response.

They would just jump to another freelancer and repeat the same question.

Quite similar to Bees.

Till today, most of these people couldn’t figure out their exact problem.

They follow freelancers based on their earnings, bragging, or so-called “social media life.”

These people forget that they already hold the secrets to their success, and it’s hidden in pretty much all the answers or responses they have gotten by freelancers till today.

They are too blinded by the shining posts, and the portrayed success of people on social media, that they never actually paid attention to the responses or invested time to implement the suggestions.

In their head, success is a game of a few days. (And, honestly, that’s how everything is being sold today in the digital arena.)

So it’s not their fault. It’s just that they’re so attracted to the idea of attaining success with less effort, without risks, and no hardship.

And that’s why no matter how well I tried to answer those questions I have hardly seen any result come out of my effort.

Most of these people are hardly ready to make an effort in the direction that will lead them towards the success they wish to attain.

Do you know why? Because the road to their destination doesn’t look as beautiful, and effortless, as the social media post of a freelancer that’s assuring them how to make a six-figure income by working 3 hours each day.

Is that possible to achieve? Yes, it is!

But can you do it? No, you can’t if you’re not ready to put in the sweat-breaking effort.

Today, I thought I’d answer these questions one more time, but with a pinch of reality and hard truth on the table.

Warning, it might sound a little harsh and hit you hard.

So feel free to read it or skip it!

How do you earn six-figure?

There’s no shortcut to becoming a six-figure sales funnel designer. You start with your first $100 and grow from there.

That’s the truth! And no one can help you take that leap. You need to climb every step of the ladder.

That’s going to be hard! Why? Because you need to figure out things on your own, you need to invest in your personal growth, you need to deal with criticism, and finally, you need to learn the art of finding clients consistently.

There’s no course that can make you skip any of these. Yeah, they can share how to be effective at these things, but there’s no secret to this leap.

It’s the result of pure sweat-breaking effort and hard work.

If you can’t do it, then it doesn’t matter how many freelancers or profit makers share their answers with you.

It’s all equivalent to 0.

How do you charge your clients?

You don’t charge your clients, you deliver the value first. That’s the focus of all these six-figure freelancers.

Your pricing is directly proportional to the quality, value, the result you have provided to the client. You can’t charge $1000 when your work is just a pile of sh**.

That’s not how it works.

And most of the freelancers who are starting always worry about charging clients or their pricing structure, when they should be more focused on how to deliver more than expected value.

That’s why most of these freelancers stay stuck with low-paying clients.

Because to be part of competitive games, you need to act like you’re competing in order to succeed.

Don’t worry about how you charge for your services. Just work with a few clients and see how much value you can provide. Based on the overall experience, put a price tag on all your future clients.

How do you find your clients?

It’s easy to find clients if you put in the effort. You don’t need to be an archeologist.

You only need two key elements to have a consistent flow of clients.

First, a good work portfolio with amazing testimonials, and second is to market yourself as a consultant. (Now that’s broad, but remember this is a post, not a book.)

By marketing I mean create a lead funnel and run a Facebook ad for that lead funnel.

Do you have a mentor?

No! I don’t and honestly, you don’t need one also if you are dedicated and committed to your goal.

I’ll invest in my skill instead of investing in mentorship.

Because I’m not into a mentorship or people ordering me around to achieve success or follow a plan and all that.

Instead, I believe that if you are serious about your goal you don’t need a mentor.

Can you share the secret of your success?

There’s no secret! My success is the result of my painstaking, consistent effort.

And that’s the secret of every successful person.

I have created a plan for 3 years and how much money I need to make in these 3 years and how I am going to achieve it.

You can do something similar here, and go crazy about your plan.

How do you design good sales funnel?

80% of the effort goes to listening to the client’s brief, while 20% goes to creating the funnel.

Listen, plan, design, revise, and deliver.

There is no secret or proven method to creating a good sales funnel.

It’s just how well you understand the client’s needs, and how good you are at what you do.

There is no third party here. And no one can offer you a magic pill that would make you a master sales funnel designer immediately.

You need to go through the growth cycle to reach where other good funnel designers are.

There is no skipping the queue here.

What are the other sources of your income?

Investment is directly proportional to your growth. The more you invest, the more you grow, whether it’s financially, professionally, or personally.

But to invest, you need to earn first.

So what I get through my sales funnel designer work, I take around 20% to 30% and invest that into other small businesses where I am getting some returns.

And I’d suggest you do the same. Create multiple avenues of income. Don’t rely on only one income stream.

It’s the number of rules for building a profitable business.

My Final Thoughts:

If you’re a freelance writer or designer, you know that asking questions is essential. You have to get your hands on the right advice from the right people.

But what would you do after you find the right answers? That makes the difference.

The words might vary from freelancer to freelancer, but the core advice is always going to be the same: put in the effort, and get started.

Most freelancers tend to ask these questions in search of figuring out the shortcut to success. But when they get the response and it doesn’t sound like a get-rich-quick scheme, they jump to another freelancer.

Because there’s no shortcut to success, that search will never end.

Are you one of those success shortcut searchers? Or do you believe in action?

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