Success, fame, and Social Media


Success, fame, and money come to those who don’t follow any rules and do things in their way. They don’t depend on any manual, any guide or any rule to get things done. They Just get busy with them.

That’s what most of us say. But I wonder how strongly I can believe in those words? The question I have, “Why is it necessary to break the rules?”.

There are people who are doing amazing things, climbing new heights by following the rules, by walking in the footprints of others. Why do I need to be different? When what I want is the same thing that they have already accomplished by doing things by the book.

I want to be popular on social media. I want to be a successful social media marketer. I know I can do things in my way to be unique and different in the crowd. But I can do the same by following the rules and mending them as I see fit.

Here are some social media rules for you to follow. Feel free to bend them so that they fit your need.Stay true to yourself, don’t pretend to be someone who you’re not.


Post relevant content rather than random things.

Be communicative, not a sales robot.

Use the right hashtags.

Focus more on visual content.

Don’t Like your own post.

You don’t have to be on Facebook 24X7, just check it 3 times each day for 20 minutes to respond to notifications.

Don’t randomly tag people in your post.

Don’t treat Facebook as a dumping ground for your blog posts, offers, etc.. Find people talking about your brand or your niche. Look for questions, problems that you can solve. Talk to them and point them to a resource.

Don’t ask for like, comments, or shares.

Don’t get involved in a discussion that might lead to an argument.

Don’t focus on likes only. Engagement and interaction on your posts are more important.

Don’t put too much text.

Posting boring content is a crime. (Don’t be a criminal.)

Try to understand your fans and connect with them.

Don’t avoid facebook ads if you have a budget to market your page.


Don’t be a robot: People hate automated DM’s.

Engage with your followers: People follow you for two reasons: To read the content you share or to engage and interact with you.

Don’t tweet randomly, tweet strategically.

Don’t make your tweet look like a collection of hashtags.

Do tweet promotions. If you’re running offers and discount on your products then do tweet about them, but don’t bombard your follower with your promotional tweets.

Do tweet about latest trends and industry news.

Don’t be a spammer.

Don’t ask people to follow, favorite, and retweet.

Tweet with emotions, not with keywords.

Don’t just follow anyone, consider the quality of your follower.

Do put your name in tweets that relate to you.

Do use Twitter tools to find out what’s working for you what’s not.


Match your Twitter and Instagram handle.

Don’t like every photo.

Do share photos that you think are interesting.

Don’t over post. Posting one photo a day is fine.

Do apply filters to your photos. The filters you use on Instagram reveals your personality.

Do post pictures that you click on your phone, not with your DSLR. Instagram is made to share the beauty of mobile photos not with high-end cameras.

Don’t put too many hashtags in your Instagram post. The golden number for hashtags is 11.

Do write a caption for your images.

Do tag a location where you clicked the image.

Do take advantage of Instagram plugins.

Don’t ask people to follow you.

Do post consistently.

Every social media platform has its own set of rules to follow. To be popular and effective on any social media platform you’ve to follow these rules. There might come a time where you need to bend them a little according to your need. But the one thing that’s constant is for social media success you’ve to follow the written rules.

Wish to be famous on social media then learn to live by the book.

How many rules do you follow when it comes to social media marketing? Share your thoughts in the comment.

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