How can you create a fulfilling, happy life that lasts?


I won’t say that building a fulfilling and happy life is going to be an easy ride, but I’d say that it’s something every person can do. Just don’t do these 6 things:

1- Don’t Compare

Don’t compare yourself with others. They are not you, and you are not them. Their story can’t be yours, because you’re unique and different, you’ll have to write your own story with your own hands.

2- Don’t over-analyze, and overthink things.

Overthinking about things will kill you, stop doing that. You’ve failed, you made a mistake, what’s the big deal. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone fails while trying to write a history.

3- Just Be Yourself

Don’t change the real you. The uniqueness in you is going to be the key that will set you apart from 7 Billion people, and that uniqueness is what going to make you stand out in the crowd. Don’t be a copycat; we have tons of them. Just be yourself.

4- Breath, Rest, But Don’t Quit

It’s not going to be an easy journey. It’s going to be tiring one, scary, and soul breaking, where you’d find yourself losing hope, giving up, and broken. In those times, just breath, give yourself a little bit of time to heal and then get back on work, because the doors don’t quit.

5- Your effort will pay off

No clock will tell you how long it’s going to take for you to build a fulfilling life, so don’t give up. Over the period when you don’t see results after putting effort, you might think of giving up, and that’s normal. But stick to the game and don’t give up. Building a fulfilling life is not going to happen a month or two.

6- Stay Positive & Believe In Yourself

The more you believe in yourself and say, “I want to have a better life”, the closer you get to that reality. It’s not going to be easy; things won’t fall in place on just one or two attempts and turn your life to great. It’s going to be a process, and you’ll be put through different tests by going through obstacles, where you might find yourself drifting away from your goal. In those times, just have a positive look and believe in yourself, in your capabilities. You’ve pulled yourself this far in the journey of building a better life, and you’ve got what it takes to pull yourself till you reach your destination.

In simple words, get obsessed with the idea of building a better life for yourself. When you get obsessed with something you always tend to find ways to get that thing in any situation.

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Singh Romy

Singh Romy

Co-founder at Solutions&Beyond. Spend most of my time thinking about ideas, marketing, and product. I love connecting brands with their audience through creative stories, and experiences. Working for a better life, and to make One Big Dream into a reality.

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