(FREE Guide) How To Set Up An Affiliate Product Funnel That Actually Converts


Lots of newbies, bloggers have this dream of getting sales and making loads of money through affiliate marketing like the marketers who share screenshots of their huge earnings. But not all of them are very lucky to be able to materialize the dream and earn a good amount of money.

If you’re one those people who still have not given up on the dream of being a successful affiliate marketer, then this article is for you. You would learn the shocking secret of those successful affiliate marketers today. I’d share a FREE complete visual guide on how you can make money with any affiliate product that you decide to promote. A step by step guide on what you need to do to get people to buy your affiliate product?

Why is this affiliate marketing guide would work?

It’s a proven method, and almost every affiliate marketer out there is using this method to make thousands of dollars every month. All you’ve to do is just copy the complete system and run with it. I’m not going to say follow some podcasts, read books, do tons of research, and work like a mad dog. Nothing of that short, I’m just going to remind you that this formula works for everyone, so it’s going to work for you. Why waste time and energy on doing something which is already done by others? Why not just copy and get started with it?

That’s what you should be doing. Just copy the affiliate formula that’s working and run with it.

In this affiliate marketing guide, you are going to learn a proven method that you can just copy and paste to get started with your earnings.

What would you learn in the guide? 

  • How To Set Up An Effective Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel
  • What You Need To Set Up The Funnel
  • How To Drive Traffic From Different Sources To Your Affiliate Marketing Funnel
  • How To Grow Your Email List
  • The Right Method To Send Automated Follow Up Mails
  • How To Keep Growing Your List To Generate More Sales

Download the Affiliate Marketing Guide For Free

The guide is divided into 4 phases to create an effective affiliate marketing funnel, and sale. Each step is simple to understand and recreate.

The 4 Steps Are: 

  • Traffic Source 
  • Creating Niche & Product Focused Opt-In Page (Landing Page)
  • Creating A Thank You Page For Our Potential Buyers
  • Affiliate Product Offer Mail

If you’re able to put the 4 steps together flawlessly based on the guide, you’ve got a perfect model with you to make thousands of dollars, my friend.

Why This Funnel Would Work?

If the funnel is based on providing value to the audience, then it’s going to work extremely well, because it’s simple to understand and the potential buyer is already aware of what he is going to get out of this funnel.

What you’ve to do here is just”Copy & Paste” the whole formula, and you can start earning money online in a few hours.

There are 3 benefits of creating a value-based funnel :

  • You Get A highly Targeted Subscriber
  • An Opportunity To Build A Good Relationship & To Upsell In Future
  • And Obviously, Money

To create a value-based funnel, you need to create three pages:

  • An Opt-In Page (Helps You Build & Grow Your Targeted List)
  • The Thank You Page (Provide A Freebie Here To Build A Relationship With Your Subscribers)
  • The Affiliate Offer (This Is Where You Make Money)

The Opt-In Page:

The opt-in page is where you’d be sending all the traffic so you’ve to make sure it’s really catchy and attention grabby, not just collection of few photos, and long text put together.

Some bloggers and marketers like to call the opt-in page a “Squeeze Page” with one goal to get visitor’s email addresses.

But things are not that simple! People won’t give you their email address just because you asked for it. You’ve to provide something valuable in return, something that’s enticing enough that they share their email address with you.

Remember, what you’re offering should be based on your affiliate product. It’d be easier for you to convert them when you make a promise using the headline of your opt-in page, and later you fulfill that promise with the affiliate product.

The Opt-In page is created to hook people’s attention and be enticing enough that they share their email address with you.

The Thank You Page

The thank-you page is where you try to build your relationship with the subscriber.

You need this page to create a long term business and converting list rather than just working hard to send all the traffic straight to your affiliate offer.

In an effective affiliate marketing funnel, the thank you page becomes the bridge where you introduce yourself, tell them what they can expect from you in the future, and then lead them to your affiliate offer.

To create a good thank-you page, you’d have to create a short video introducing yourself and describing the funnel, explaining what type of content you’d be sharing with them in the future, in the end, guide them to your affiliate offer.

You don’t need to hire a professional videographer or spend hours editing the video to make it perfect. It can simply be recorded with your phone and shared on the thank-you page.

The Affiliate Offer

You don’t have to create a page for your affiliate offer – Instead, you’d be linking it to your video on the thank you page, and also by adding a button that directly leads the subscriber to the affiliate offer page.

You’d also be sharing your affiliate link in your follow up emails with the subscribers, so they don’t end up missing on the offer.

The Follow Up Emails:

You need to create an automated email follow series to engage and build a strong relationship with the subscribers. To be truthful, this is where your most sales would happen.

How do you create an automated email follow up series?

Based on the email marketing software you are going to use, just do a simple YouTube search, and you’d find tons of video describing how you can create an automated email follow up series.

A powerful follow emails have 3 key elements in it:

  • Written like you’re talking to a friend
  • Written to help the subscriber not to promote your product
  • How Frequently you send your mails

Here’s an effective follow email series you can just copy and paste.

The First Mail

  • Send Immediately After Subscriber Opts-In
  • This mail intends to inform the subscriber they opted-in your list, and you’d be sharing amazing content related to your affiliate product
  • Add a Link to your affiliate product

The Second Mail

  • Send After 2 or 3 Days
  • It’s a reminder mail to the subscribers that they are missing on an amazing deal
  • Entice them to click on the affiliate link button, and add a freebie (Make it look & sound like its exclusive only to subscribers)

The Third Mail

  • Send After 4 or 5 Days
  • Here you ask your subscriber to share their experience with the product and to ask people what’s holding them back from buying the product.
  • And give them few testimonials of the affiliate product to convince them and your product link

Traffic Sources:

Having a good affiliate marketing funnel won’t drive sales, you’ve to send targeted traffic to your opt-in page.

There are like really tons of methods to do this, but they all boil down to paid traffic or organic traffic. If you’re looking for instant results, then advertising (Paid traffic) would be a good way to start but, it’s going to put a dent in your wallet. While organic traffic requires your time, and a huge amount of effort to divert traffic to your opt-in page.

Some powerful ways that you can use to divert traffic to your opt-in page are:

There are way too many methods to drive traffic to your opt-in page, use the ones which you’re most familiar with to get results fast.

If you want to learn how to drive targeted traffic to your Opt-in page then subscribe to my blog, soon I’d be sharing a detailed article on sending traffic to the affiliate marketing opt-in page.

Where You Should Focus Most?

Believe me, my friend – learning how to drive traffic is hard. Since we’re running here on the thin timeline, we want some sales to be generated soon rather than waiting for a month while experimenting with traffic.

Focusing more on how you can send traffic and learning new strategies faster will help you get more sales, because more traffic signifies more sales.

The science of traffic is not simple, but you need to master it if you wish to generate a six-figure affiliate income.

How can you generate traffic faster?

Start with methods that you are most familiar with, because you would be able to generate sales faster by perfecting those methods, while in free times, you focus on learning some new strategies.

The Moral Of This Story

This article is curated to teach you how you can create an effective affiliate marketing funnel to generate sales and to share a free visual affiliate funnel creation guide for free.

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