Cracking The Instagram Content Ideas For Fashion Brands!


There are thousands of fashion brands on Instagram, and almost every one of them is doing something or the other to make a noise for their brand and product. In so much noise, you’ve to make your voice get heard by people. 

How hard do you think it is? 

Very – when you consider the noise that being generated every second on the platform. So, what can you do to make your voice get heard? What can you do to make your brand stand out?

What I am going to say it’s nothing new, you might have already heard it like hundreds of times, but I’ll take it a step further and help you put it in action.  

Be Different! 

Yeah! don’t follow the boring content calender filled with brand & product information. You’ve to understand one fact that people spend so much time on social media because they like to know what’s happening around and what’s happing in other people’s life. We’ve to take advantage of this habit and build our content strategy in such a way that people feel curious and interested in our brand. 

So I’ll share 6 content ideas that you as a fashion brand can replicate right now (Yeah! It’s FREE).

The Color Theory:  

Believe me, there are tons of people who suffer a lot when it comes to matching what color goes with what. It’s always a struggle to get a perfect combination of the colors when it comes to the smart dressing. 

Creating posts where we share which different colors go well together and will make you look smart, help you get that first impression always right will generate a good amount of buzz for your brand. 

We can take it a step further by matching our outfits based on the color pallet and create a gif post. It would help people get the right colors as well as also entice them to make a purchase.

Ask Questions With Your Audience: 

The best way to start a conversation with someone is by asking a question that they can answer easily! It works on Instagram too. 

Asking fashion, style, or audience interest-based question creates an opportunity for the audience to share their opinions and thoughts with the brand. Later on, these insights can help you improve your product quality and brand experience. 

EX: Share 3 things that influence your decision when you buy any shirt! 

Behind The Scene Stories

People spend so much time on social media because we love to know what’s happening in other people’s life. People can relate way faster to you when you share your real story. 

When you show what goes in your office, in your product development department, how the products are made, what measurements are being taken to provide high-quality brand experience to customers, people start relating to it. When they can relate to the story that the brand is sharing on social media, they slowly start to become loyal fans of your brand. 

By telling the brand stories, you humanize the brand for people, and people love to interact with brands on a personal level. 

Live AMA with the brand: 

Hosting occasional social media lives, where people can interact with a brand representative to ask about the products or general industry questions is a good way to engage with the brand audience. It also helps you to establish your brand as an industry leader. 

You can do this in 2 ways. 

1- You make a post where you ask your audience to comment their questions and you start replying to their questions in comments.

2- You go live on the social media platform and take questions from the audience and answer them on the live broadcast itself. 

UGC (User Generated Content)

The most brand tends to ignore the power of UGC content, but the truth is that UGC content is more powerful and engaging than any other content that a brand creates. 

Sharing a brand or product relevant post created by any user will generate more engagement, brand awareness, and will also make the user feel happy about getting featured on the brand profile. 

1 Minute Long Interview With Industry Influencers 

Conducting occasional interviews with people who influence the fashion industry would help your brand get more visibility and exposure instantly.

The interviews can be in any form, video, text, email, graphical.  

Our brand audience follow these influencers everywhere, so featuring them on our page while they talk about us or anything relevant and beneficial for our audience will boost our social media engagement rate drastically, and we would grow our follower base with a good margin. 

If you have any questions related to social media please feel free to send them to using #ASKROMY hashtag. 

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