48+ Actionable Social Media Marketing Strategies For Brands & Bloggers


Before I share with you the top 48 social media marketing strategies to build a strong brand presence and skyrocket your conversions, I’d like to ask a question?

How powerful is social media for a brand in terms of conversion & loyalty?

We all would have a different answer for the same question, but there’s going to be a common denominator in our answers, and that’s – Brand who know how to take advantage of social media effectively, how to use social media to connect with the targeted audience have made huge profits, and have built a strong brand recall value for their audience. 

What could be that common denominator? 

It’s nothing fancy, or a top-secret that’s well protected by the government. We all are well aware of it, but we hardly try to act on it. 

The common denominator is consistency and freshness in the content, as well as the right marketing efforts. Brands who have a strong plan when it comes to the content that they would be sharing with their targeted audience are the ones ahead in the social media game. 

You need to be aware of the fact that your content needs to be great and relatable to your target audience. 

I’m sharing a list of actionable social media content marketing strategies that can be molded according to any business niche. 

In fact, these same strategies helped me build grow many social media profiles for clients. 

So if you want to build a strong brand presence on social media, which is the need for every brand in today’s world, you’ll love this list of strategies, techniques, and tactics. 

Let’s get started!

  • Strategy 1: Famous Quote Graphics
  • Strategy 2: Hold Q&A Sessions
  • Strategy 3: Show Content From Your Personal Life (Behind The Scenes)
  • Strategy 4: Those Funny Meme’s And Engaging Content
  • Strategy 5: Ask Questions To Your Audience
  • Strategy 6: The Polling Option Is Powerful
  • Strategy 7: Share Your Success & Failure Story (The Smallest Moments From Your Life Matters To People)
  • Strategy 8: Look For Posts That Did Well And Recreate It With Credits
  • Strategy 9: Interlinking All Your Social Media Profile 
  • Strategy 10: Promoting Your Social Media Profiles On By Being Active On Forums & Communities
  • Strategy 11: Have A Brand Logo & Attach It To Every Piece Of Content You Share
  • Strategy 12: Make Use Of Your Blog & Website (Linking Your Social Media Profiles)
  • Strategy 13: Sharing Relatable Content in Graphics, Carousels, Videos
  • Strategy 14: Why Not Write A Post On Others Blog With Links Of Your Social Profiles
  • Strategy 15: Freebies! Freebies! And Freebies. 
  • Strategy 16: Take Inputs From Your Audience (Their Opinion Matters Too)
  • Strategy 17: Use Content Generated By People Who Use Your Product Or Service
  • Strategy 18: Spread Your Social Media Profile URL’s Everywhere ( Don’t spam it though)
  • Strategy 19: Make Sure You Add Your Social Media Profiles In Your Blog Post (When Needed Or Topic Is Relevant)
  • Strategy 20: Join The Hashtag Wagon That’s Already popular 
  • Strategy 21: Never Forget About Your Enemies (Your Competitor)
  • Strategy 22: Same way Never Forget About Your IDOL’s Too
  • Strategy 23: Give A Chance To Your Audience Show Their Talents, Or Engage With You (Contests)
  • Strategy 24: Join Groups & Communities ( The Ones With High Number Of Users)
  • Strategy 25: Take Part In Contest, Sweepstakes Hosted By Others
  • Strategy 26: Making It Shareable 
  • Strategy 27: Why Not Thank People Who Share Your Content
  • Strategy 28: Help Your Audience (Reports, Infographics, Ebooks)
  • Strategy 29: You’ve To Be Consistent 
  • Strategy 30: Find The Perfect Time To Post
  • Strategy 31: Get The Right Set Of Tools 
  • Strategy 32: Allow People To Share Your Blog Post Or Content
  • Strategy 33: Advertise Your Profile 
  • Strategy 34: Write Reviews About Things And Share (Be Relevant And Mind Your Words)
  • Strategy 35: Use Inter Promotion Of Your Social Media Profiles
  • Strategy 36: Work On Those Captions Of Yours 
  • Strategy 37: Getting The Right Set Of Hashtags
  • Strategy 38: Get Comical With Your Audience (Share Funny Moments)
  • Strategy 39: Share Resources & Tips On How To Use Them
  • Strategy 40: Take Advantage Of Breaking News
  • Strategy 41: Hijeck The Audience Of Your Idols & Competitors
  • Strategy 42: Connect With Leaders
  • Strategy 43: Be Little Creative With Your Content
  • Strategy 44: The Right Combination Of Hashtags
  • Strategy 45: Stories Are Powerful 
  • Strategy 46: Hold AMA (Ask Me Anything)
  • Strategy 47: Take Part Into AMA’s Hosted By Others
  • Strategy 48: Answer Popular & Frequent Question

1. Graphics Of Quotes By Famous Personalities

Social media users are more keen on engaging with quotes when it’s by a famous personality. If you spend some time on social media searching for pages and profiles that share quote graphics, you’ll be shocked by the engagements they get on those posts.  

There’s no science to it or any ingenious marketing strategy it’s human behavior. We tend to engage with the content we can relate with or content that gets our attention. Amazingly, a quote graphic does both jobs. 

Be a little creative here and creative quote graphics with a touch of your promotional message, or service. People can relate to information more easily and effectively in this manner. 

2- Hold Q&A Sessions

There can’t be any marketing strategy that is more powerful than this when it comes to establishing yourself as an expert in your domain and helping your audience with their problems. By helping your audience, you make some loyal followers who become a preacher for you and about your services. 

Use a Canva to create a simple graphic about the Q&A session and share it across Facebook groups, pages, and tweet about, DM relevant people on Instagram. Create the needed hype and see the magic at the time of the session. 

3- Show Content From Your Personal Life (Behind The Scene)

In real life, people are too interested in knowing about what’s going on in others’ lives or their stories. The habit remains the same at social media you’ll way too much engagement on posts that somehow tells the story of your personal life, or your success, failure. 

Get into the habit of sharing things that you think people can relate to on social media. It could be anything from a story of how you got your first client, your struggle after you lost your job, how you felt when you became a dad, anything would work as long as it comes from your personal life. 

4- That Funny Meme & Engaging Content

How many times you’ve laughed on a meme and shared it across or liked it? 

I can’t count the number! 

Those memes and viral videos work like a charm when it comes to growing the audience engagement. On social media platforms, you’d find pages and profiles with over millions of followers and thousands of engagement on each post made. 

How do they do that? 

Simple! They find content which highly engaging and serve it to their audience. It’s the audience who make it viral and help them grow their fan following by engaging, sharing, commenting, and tagging. 

You can find viral content relevant to your niche and share it on your profile to grow your audience. 

5- Ask Questions To Your Audience

You can’t remain silent forever and hope that your audience keeps on engaging with the content you share endlessly. 

Wake up from that dream! On social media, people like to interact with a person, not to a bot who only knows when to post what. You’ve to make the communication both way if you want to keep your audience alive and continue to grow. Sooner or later they would want to know, who are they talking to, engaging with, and the best way to do that ask questions to your audience and let them answer it. 

Every single answer is an opportunity for you to connect with your audience and build a strong relationship with them. Engage with them through those answers, reply to those answers, and start to leave your footprints. Let them know that it’s you behind everything. 

6- The Polling Option Is Powerful

Most social media platforms have built-in polling feature, but using the third party polling apps can go a long way in terms of traffic, user data collection, and engagement for that particular posts skyrockets. 

The secret of the polling lies in the question that you ask to your audience. A simple question that allows people to answer it in YES or NO can be very powerful in terms of engagement as well as when it comes to figuring out what kind of products, services your audience likes. The data you’d collect with your polling post can be further used in future polls and other marketing activities to generate more engagements and possible leads. 

7- Share Your Success & Failure Story (The Smallest Moments From Your Life Matters To People)

People are always interested in other’s success or failure stories. You’ll find them eager to know whether your business is doing great or you’ve hit the bottom low and trying to crawl your way out. This habit of people can be seen on social media too, you’d find lots of engagement on posts that talk about, how you turned 100$ investment into $1000 profit or why they should not invest in XYZ because it didn’t work out for you. 

It doesn’t matter how the story goes as long as your audience can relate with it – it’s bound to go viral. 

8- Look For Posts That Did Well And Recreate It With Credits

You and I both know that you’re not the only person who is trying to make it big on social media, there are many people in this race, and some have already won it. The winners are called influencers, idols, or experts from your niche. 

Find them and stalk their profiles. Try to find posts that have maximum engagement in terms of likes, comments, and shares. When you come around a post like that, save the link in an excel sheet or notepad. You’ve to find 6 to 8 posts like that from different profiles, and compare them together to find one, two, maybe three posts that fit perfectly for your audience, and recreate those posts in your style and share it with your audience. 

I’d be updating this list with more updates soon.

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